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Fundraising Testimonials: Fundraising Reviews of Easy Fundraising Ideas

"Your staff was very helpful and always quick to respond to my requests, questions, and problems. From now on when I need a fundraising idea or someone I know needs an idea, I will for sure refer them to Easy Fundraising "
- Seth Nahrwold

Thank you so much for your help. I will be using you in the future when I do a fundraiser and I will tell anyone that is wanting to do a fundraiser that they need to go through you. I appreciate how you have helped me.

Again, Thank you!"

- Jamie Smith
"I received my cookie dough order about 9:40 am. The delivery man was great. Thank you for all your help and support."
- Monica Russ
"I just want to tell you how great your cookie dough is! There is no comparison!! I wish they had had extra tubs, I would have bought two more!! Please don't change your recipe!"
- Mary S Perkins
"I did receive your catalog. We have all ready ordered and received the Domino's cards. We started selling them this past Tuesday. This company has been wonderful to work with. We will be using you again."
- Julie Wright
"I wanted to say thank you, thank you. We at our church sold coffee. The forms arrived promptly. The color order forms sell the coffee by themselves. Buy extra because people will want more. I look forward to selling coffee again soon."
- Bill and Malynda Green
"Kari, Thanks so much for doing so well communicating with us! That really helps a lot!!! I told the kids that we may have to do more with you guys, just because you are so helpful! Thanks much! "
- Anne Otte
"You Guys are AWESOME!! This is the 3rd year doing business with you!"
- Cheryl Csengery
"I have received the catalog and I would like to thank you and your company for being so welcoming. No site has ever treated me with such hospitality! I will not currently be needing any more fundraising orders for the time being, but the next time I do I will definitely be ordering from here. "
- Ysidro Haro
"I'm very glad I found this site. My Senior class is going on their class trip and we're looking for fun easy fundraisers we can do. We're hoping to raise as much as we can in order to make the trip affordable. Thanks for your time!"
- Julie Labrie
"Thanks so much for helping us with our fundraiser. Your customer service was great - we could easily reach you when we had questions, and your staff was very friendly and helpful. The products were a good value for our customers, and the products were easy to sell."
- Marsha Melkonian
"Thank you so much...your company has been a pleasure to deal with!!!"
- Thanks, Kelly MacBeth
"I just wanted to thank you for all your convenient resources, I am very much thankful for your help!"
- Janice Freeman
"I would like say Thank You to Easy Fundraising Ideas for making our fundraiser a big success. They really made it simple. The staff over the phone was a big help in just "kicking" things off for us."
- Jeff Garrou
"They look great! We are very pleased with them. I thank you so much for your time and effort on creating these cards for our new ball fields! You can surely use me as a reference if anyone wants to call me. I will gladly help! Thanks!"
- Mel Mouradian
""I was very impressed with not only the coffee, but the speed in which the order was processed and shipped. We will definitely be using you again next year, most likely in November.""
- High School Band Director
"Hi Lisa-

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your great service to us. We raised nearly $400.00 effortlessly!

I will be back in contact to do another fundraiser, probably cookie dough, very soon.

Be blessed! "

- Lori F. Wells
"Thank you for all of your help! Received the order Friday and the items are going to school today to go home with the kids.

Thanks for making this easy!!

- Michelle Miller
"Thank you for the follow up and all the information with the fundraiser. Easy Fundraising Ideas has been a wonderful company to work with. All the information and employees are fantastic, Kari Styne and Shawn have been great. During the years I have done fundraising for other organizations and such I have never worked with such a wonderful company."
- Kathleen Brundage
"Now that we have gotten our candles in, there has been a lot more interest at school from people that didn't order or didn't get the chance the first time. Do you think that it will be profitable and possible to run another fund-raiser to see if we can get some more orders in?"
- Utah Elementary School
"Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know that I received our missing items today. Thank you so much for your help in making this fundraiser a success for us.

So far I am very pleased with the products and how the whole fundraising program works with Easy Fundraising.

Thanks again for your support and I will definitely recommend your company to others looking for fundraising ideas.

I hope to work with you again in the future. "

- Colleen Arnold
"FYI - dough has been delivered - thank you for everything!!"
- Kerry Hennessey
"Thanks for getting the order to us yesterday. I am glad to know that you are out there to help us. We are very satisfied with what has transpired. I will be doing other fund-raising with your company and recommend you to others. "
- Tony Morris
"Received the cookie dough this morning at 9:00 prompt! Sorted it and now working on getting the kids to pick it up. Thanks for a great fundraiser! We'll remember you in the future!"
- Connie
"Thank you very much for another successful fundraiser. You guys are the BEST!"
- Samoset Elementary
"Thanks for everything! We have had a great experience with easy fundraising and definitely will keep you in mind next time we do a fundraiser!"
- Amanda Presley
"Hey Kari,

Your company has been so wonderful on the customer service and product end. Thank you.

We do need to change the dates. Took a little longer to get started.

Thank you again, "

- Dena

We have had tremendous success with your products. And you are so pleasant and professional to deal with!

Have a great week and thank you again! "

- Anne M. Chick
"Wow! Thanks. That was fast. I expected it to take longer to print with our name on it. Thanks this is great!"
- Jamie Youngblood
"For the past three years, I have used your company! I would recommend this company as a way to raise money. I know that I will use this company again! Thank you for all you have done to help us be successful! "
- Carrie Place
"Bulbs arrived today and distributed to the owners this evening.

I greatly appreciate everything you have done for us and we look forward to another fundraiser with you. "

- Marsha Brown

Oh my goodness! The candles were delivered tonight! Everything smells so delightful.

Thank you Lisa for all of your help and please tell Amy thank you, too.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving,

- Charisse Sadler
- Jamie
"The $1 Coffee Backpack fundraiser has gone well so far. I bought one case. I?ve sold 419 of the 468 coffee packets so far with one week to go. I highly recommend this fundraiser."
- Tom Hagens
"I was very impressed with not only the coffee, but the speed in which the order was processed and shipped. We will definitely be using you again next year, most likely in November."
- High School Band Director
"Here is payment for the candle fundraiser. Thank you so much. We enjoyed using your company. It was fun and easy."
- Audra Bartlett
"You're totally amazing! Thanks SO much. We'll be back for sure! Our club needs more money, we're going to Las Vegas this Fall -- You'll be hearing from us again!! Have a fabulous day! smile"
- Lucy Ballesteros

I did a fundraiser with Easy Fundraising earlier this year for my ESL class to raise money for supplies. We did well enough to buy pencils, crayons, and extra notebooks. I did the coupon, no minimum order, cookie dough fundraiser and I am looking at doing it again this early fall.

I enjoyed working with this company because everyone was kind and courteous. The cookie dough was excellent and arrived on time and in good condition.

We received lots of compliments. So, I will contact you soon. Have a great day!


- Samantha
"Hi Kari, We got our coffee on Friday, and boy does my house smell good now!! I am extremely pleased with the quality of the coffee and how fast it shipped! We will definitely be doing this again next year! "
- Allison Omley

The boxes are being delivered to my house as I type this - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

I wasn't expecting delivery for a week or more! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!! THANK YOU, and I look forward to doing business with you again and again!!!

- Lori
"I work with the youth at my church and we were raising money for an upcoming youth outing. We sold the coffee for a week and half and we earned $600 profit. I am 100% Satisfied with Easy Fundraising. When asked about fundraisers I always suggest this company. I am actually getting ready to book another fundraiser with them. "
- Tabitha Dodge
"I just wanted to write a testimonial of praise for how good the service was for our coffee fund-raiser. I will certainly use Easy Fundraising Ideas for my next fund-raiser because it just went so smooth from start to finish! Thank you very much!"
- Lori MacGregor
"Last spring, we did the Dominoes Pizza fundraiser. I couldn't believe how simple it was. Thank you for making the whole process so easy. A simple phone call and we were on our way. And the product arrived promplty the same week. We are planning to do it again this spring. Thanks again."
- Debbie Lombardozzi
"Thank u so much!

I really appreciate it! You kept trying even though you didn't have to and that says a lot for customer service!

Thank you again!"

- Angie
"Kari, Kari, Kari

I received my order today and my order was shipped quickly and accurately. This is the first time my family has been involved in a fundraiser and because Easy Fundraising Ideas has made it just that, we look forward to doing business with you again.

I truly wasn't expecting the candles to be as nice and fragrant as they turned out to be so this makes it even more exciting to be able to give back to those who were supportive, a great product.

Thanks again for YOUR great customer service and for making this a pleasant experience!

PS Please forward this to mgmt. they need to know that they have a great employee on staff.

God Bless you! "

- Suzanne
"Thank you very much I received the package yesterday. It was nice doing business with you and prayfully we will do it again next year. Merry Christmas to you and yours. "
- Hattie
"Our experience with Easy Fundraising was the easiest we've ever had yet. Your brochures were colorful and classy. Orders were easily called in and delivery was very quick and delivered right to my door. Thank you for a hassle-free experience and a profitable fundraiser for our girls."
- Laura Garrett
"The cookie dough arrived on schedule yesterday and most people came to pick theirs up in the evening. Everyone I work with was very happy to receive theirs today. Thanks again for your help in this fundraiser and I may talk to in the future. I would definitely recommend your company (especially after just tasting the cookies!"
- Laura Giles
"Hello Kari! I just wanted to tell what a great help you have been to me and I really appreciate it!! "
- Hackett High School

Everything looks great. Thanks for your quick responses to emails and the even faster service. I cannot believe they have already been shipped!

Thanks again! "

- Don Bentz
"I just wanted to thank you for making my first "in charge" fundraising experience a great one. I definitely will recommend your company. Thank you for everything. We made our goal!"
- Pamela Lambert Vail Vikings Flag Football
"My husband just called and they were delivered a little while ago. Quick service.

Thanks so much!!!

Have a nice day!!

- Debbie Lavallee
"Thank you for the quick delivery of the Taylor Middle School choir candy order; in fact, we would like to order more!"
- Gayle Beebe


Thank you so much. We had a great time selling and distribution went smoothly. Thanks for a great experance.


- Thank you, Christeena
"Kari Hello,

Just to let you know everything went well w/ the distribution of the cookie dough fund-raiser.

I will certainly recommend next years PTA board to consider easy-fundraising-ideas for the 2010-2011 school year fundraisers.

Again Thanks for your patience and your efforts. "

- Douglas C. Cox
"I wanted to thank you for upgrading our profit margin for our candy sale and to tell you how much I've appreciated working with Kari. She's been just great......prompt, pleasant, and professional. Thanks so much. I look forward to working with your company on our candy sales. "
- Sincerely, Coleen Kennedy Pontiac Township High School Music Booster Member
"Thank you so much for all you have done even with all our process and inconvenience we have caused you and your company. You have been such a wonderful representative for your company. If there is anyone whom we could send a letter on behalf of you and your support, please let us know. We appreciate your efforts in helping us with our first fund raiser ever."
- Jennifer Cabano
"I just want to tell you how happy I am. Our cheerleading school has 180 cheerleaders but only 18 girls sold cookie dough. When the others saw the results they were astounded. Believe me, we will all be selling your cookie dough next year. "
- Maryland Cheerleading Mom

Thank you again! You have been absolutely wonderful! I can not wait, this way we do not have to schedule a pick up day. I can do it all in one day!

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Blessed New Year.

- Dana
"Kari, looks good. Thank you for your help. As always your company makes it very easy to raise Funds! "
- Sue Noga
"Yes! We received our cookie order forms and well on our way to a successful fundraiser! I am glad to report most of the ladies on our team have sold more than ten already. Once again thanks for all your help and we'll be talking on the 19th with our orders."
- Texas Women's Soccer Team
"Hello Lisa,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I had never done a fundraiser before and had never seen or heard of Journey of Faith candles. It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you for your help and excellent customer service. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and easy this whole process was. I can't believe how fast the candles came back.

Thank you so much for helping our ministry raise almost $1400 in a very short time. Everyone in our group is very pleased with the results and the candles.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed Christmas season. "

- Brandy Parry
"I appreciate your company and staff. I was new to fundraising this year and a little apprehensive. Your representative was so patient and helpful. He guided me through every step and we are so pleased with the results. Thank you so much for your help. "
- Dee Sillanpaa
"Just wanted to let you know everything turned out great with the cookie dough. We were able to make an excellent profit and have lots of happy customers. We look forward to doing business with you again soon!"
- Paul Bencal
"I highly recommend this web site to any all persons interested in fundraisers. Especially in the middle and high school levels, these type of fundraisers could be utilized all year round. I feel blessed to have been informed of this website and I look forward doing business with this company."
- Damonn Dixon,
Head Track Coach

I checked the invoice to the tally sheet....all is good.

Once again Thank You for your time and help. Our Troop Thanks You!!!! "

- Ken Martyna


Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. The fundraiser was a great success and I will definitely be suggesting your company in the future should any of our local organizations need to do any fundraising! Thanks again! "

- Tammy

Dear Lisa,

We received our order Friday afternoon - I was so surprised!!! The kids were very excited & pleased with their bags. This was such a fun, easy, environmentally friendly & profitable fundraiser, we'll keep you in mind for the future!

- Yolanda Gallego
"We were very pleased with our fundraiser. For only having 17 sellers, I feel they did a great job. You were also WONDERFUL! Thanks again!"
- Texas Junior High Student Council

Just wanted to say thank you for your help on my last fund raiser. The candles were a blast. I will see if they would like to do a repeat.

- Samantha Saunders
"We are on track. We are planning on picking up all order forms that have been handed in on Wed, Sept. 30th, and doing the tally to have the final order ready to place on Friday. I hope that is OK. Thank you for all your support and information with this fundraiser. We are definitely going to look into some of the other fundraisers you offer. Thanks again.. "
- Caryn
"I can't believe that the Dominos cards arrived today--I was blown away! I never expected the package to arrive that soon--we're planning on beginning our fundraising efforts tomorrow. I will be ordering more soon!"
- Bill in Virginia
"Thank you, Kari! It has been really great working with you and thanks again for your patience and time in helping us get this all taken care of from start to finish. We truly appreciate your attention and efforts!!!"
- Danielle Przybylinski
"Thanks Kari, The pops are a hit at my school. I will be ordering another set in about a week."
- Lawanda Greene
"Yes I did recieve my catalog and will be here shortly contacting you for further information and guidance.

Thank you for following up. I didn't expect that. This makes me feel very confident that we will be succesful in our endevours in raising money for a great cause.

I will contact you soon. "

- Tara L. Allen