Photography Fundraisers

Photography fundraising is a great way to raise money selling a fundraising card that offers outstanding value.

We have partnered with PictureMe Portrait Studios (located in most WalMart stores) and Sears Portrait Studios to offer these Photography Fundraising Cards that your group will sell for $10 each. The holder of the card is given a free 8 x 8 portrait and two 5 x 5 portraits along with a free sitting. The value of these packages is $54.95 or $36.96. The cards are good throughout the United States at all participating studios.

Unlike other discount card programs our photography fundraising cards can be sold anywhere in the United States. They make great gifts for friends and families. Just think how you would feel getting a free sitting and three great FREE portraits.

You will find a location locator tool on both programs. Simply enter your zip code and you will see a list of the closest participating stores. Check for friends and family anywhere in the country.

Photography Fundraisers - Best Selection


PictureMe Portrait Studios (located in most WalMart stores) Fundraising Cards

Our PictureMe Portrait Studios (located in most WalMart stores) Fundraising Cards are accepted at studios throughout the USA. The cardholder gets 3 FREE portraits and a FREE sitting when they present their $10 card - a $36.96 Value.

Sears Portrait Studio Fundraising Cards

Our Sears Sears Portrait Studio fundraising cards are a great way to raise money. Cardholders get a $54.95 package including 3 portraits and Free sitting when they present the card. You sell the cards for $10 and make up to 90% profit.

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