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How a School Fundraiser Catalog Sale Works

We have school fund raising catalogs for any age group. Most are good for elementary schools. Some make a perfect high school fund raiser catalog. Here are the easy steps involved with getting your school fund raiser catalog program started.

Step 1Plan Your Fundraiser.

Determine how many people will be selling and choose a fund raising brochure to use. Depending on the season we may offer one or more options. So choose the best fundraising catalog for your group.

Choose your fundraiser dates. We suggest that you give participants two weeks to sell after you hand them their school fund raising catalogs. But you need to choose a start date, an end date, an order turn in date and we will discuss a delivery date when you book the fundraiser.

Step 2Request Your Pre-Sell Forms.

Once you have gathered the details mentioned in "STEP 1" above you are ready to request your pre-sell order forms. A small deposit may be required in some cases.

To see a sample of the order forms for your fundraiser just click on the image or link to the right.

To start your Seasonal Shopper Fundraiser, select one of the following two options:


We have tried to make it as easy as possible to order you Seasonal Shopper Pre-sell forms. There are three options to choose from:

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ORDER BROCHURES ONLINE! - Fill out the Brochure Order Form and get started with your fundraiser. You will need to provide us with your contact and shipping details as well as the specific information for your group. In return, we will send the necessary brochures and collection envelopes you need to get started. Please do not continue on to this form unless you are sure you want to hold this fundraiser. A small deposit might be required in some instances.

-- OR --
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CALL TO ORDER BROCHURES! - If you would rather not order your pre-sell forms online feel free to call our fundraising specialists toll free at 1-866-874-8383 and they will be happy to assist you in gathering all the needed paperwork and order forms required to start your fundraiser. A small deposit might be required.

Step 3Pre-Sell Gift Items and Place your Order

Hand each person their school fundraiser catalog and have them approach family, friends and other acquaintances to sell the gift items using the order forms we have provided. They should collect their money at the time of the sale and let people know when they will be delivering the orders. It is helpful to give participants a kick off letter detailing all critical dates. We can provide one if you would like.

At the end of your sale, collect all the order forms and money from your sellers. When you use a fund raising brochure we will also send you two part order forms. You will send us the top copy and keep the other copy for your records.

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CALL IN FINAL ORDER! - Call our fundraising specialists toll free at 1-866-874-8383 and they will be happy to take your order over the phone. Acceptable payments over the phone include Mastercard, Visa, School Purchase Order, Check or Money Order.

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