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How a Sandwich Shop Fund Raising Card Works

This program requires some upfront work to customize for your local sandwich shop. If you would prefer to have one of our fundraising specialists walk you through the program call us at 1-866-874-8383. However, if you would rather start the program on your own here are the easy steps involved with getting your Sandwich Shop fund raiser discount card program going. Remember that we can print sandwich shop cards for any restaurant that agrees to participate in the program. The program is not endorsed by any national chain systemwide but most sandwich shop chains have had franchisees participate in the program.

Step 1Choose Local Sandwich Shop & Download Starter Kit

Afer you have determined to use the sandwich shop fund raising cards you will need to choose the local sandwich shop(s) you would like to have participate. This program is designed with flexibility so that any national chain or local restaurant can participate.

Once you have identified the sandwich shop you would like to participate you will need to download our Sandwich Shop Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is a PDF document which contains the following two forms:

  • Business Agreement Form
  • Card Order Form

After downloading the Sandwich Shop Starter Kit you will need to print the document. Once the pages are printed take the "Business Agreement Form" to the shop of your choice. Visit the restaurant in person and talk to the owner or manager. Make sure you introduce yourself and the fundraising group you represent. Ask if they would be willing to advertise a "buy one get one free" offer at NO CHARGE on a fundraising discount card for your group. If they agree to work with you have them fill out the "Business Agreement Form". This is an important step as you cannot order your cards without it. Once you have a signed form in hand you are ready to place your order.

  Download Merchant Agreement
Download Sandwich Shop Starter Kit

Step 2Order your Sandwich Shop Restaurant Coupons

Before placing your order make sure that you have completed the above step and have a signed "Business Agreement Form" in hand.

To place your order fill out the "Card Order Form" and fax both documents to Easy Fundraising Ideas at (FAX) 1-817-478-9494. We will then contact you to verify your information before processing your order.

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