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Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

Yummy Lix

These are the best selling lollipops in the country

Color Xploders

Color Xploder

No two pieces are the same. Lots of fun. Another top seller

Speciality Lollipops

Specialty Lollipops

Choose from great selection of seasonal shapes

Shckwave Sour Lollipops

Shockwave Sour Pops

Offer the most popular sour pops anywhere in America

Gourmet Lollipops

Gourmet Lollipops

These premium pops are as popular with adults as children

Christmas Lollipops

Christmas Lollipops

Includes fun shapes like Santa, trees and snow men

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Yummy Hearts

Looking for a perfect for a Valentines Day Fundraiser?

Lip Shaped Lollipops

Yummy Lips

Make people smile with great tasting lip shaped lollipops

Everything You Need to Know

Lollipops are perfect for fundraising. Kids love them. Adults enjoy them. You double your money on every lollipop you sell. There's only a 1 case minimum order and shipping is always FREE.

So what else do you need to know?

Below we will discuss packaging, minimums, shipping, shapes, sizes and more. By the time you've read this page you'll know everything necessary to start and run a successful lollipop fundraiser from start to finish.

What Our Customers Say:
Heart Lollipops
Review Posted by: Rebecca - (January 14 2015)

Kari, I received my order today! Excellent service!

Best Selling Yummy Licks Lollipops
Review Posted by: Neosho Middle School - (February 17 2014)

Kari, Thank you so much for the quick shipping of our suckers. I just wanted you to know we sold out of our suckers in only two days! The students had a blast and I would do it again. We will be keeping your company in mind the next time we have a fundraiser. The only thing I can think of that would have made the sale easier is to have all of the same flavor suckers packaged together rather than mixed flavors in a bag. Sincerely, Deborah

Lollipops for Fundraising
Review Posted by: GLCPS Band - (December 17 2013)

We sold out of our first case of lollipops in 3 days !!! We will continue our lollipop campaign throughout the year!

Selling Prices and More:

All of our confection lollipops currently sell for $.50 each. The chocolate lollipops sell for a dollar. The low retail price is one of the most attractive things about fundraising lollipops.

How much does it cost to get started:

Lollipop fundraisers work the same as candy sales do. It is a direct sale item that you purchase and then sell. That means you need to have the money to buy lollipops. You can charge your order or we can send an invoice and you can mail us a check or money order. But payment arrangements need to be made before we can ship your order.

If your group has no money to spend then lollipop fundraising might not be for you. You might look at our no upfront money options.

The only type of group that we don't require upfront payment from are public schools that issue public school purchase orders. Public schools can get 30 day terms with purchase orders.

Your cost to get started depends on which product you choose and how many cases you purchase. The cost for a single case ranges from $144 to $160 per case.

Free Shipping:

The cost of shipping is included in the prices we charge for a case of lollipops. So when we tell you shipping is FREE we mean shipping is free to any address in the 48 continental United States.

Some people are skeptical of free shipping offers and feel like there are gimmicks somewhere. We want to assure you Easy Fundraising Ideas pays 100% of the shipping costs. You pay only for your lollipops. Period.

Choosing the best lollipops:

We offer more than a dozen different shapes and types of lollipops. They all sell well. If you are looking for the best seller then go directly to Yummy Licks. They have been the top seller for years and years. They are 1 oz round confection lollipops that come in pre done assortments that include dozens of different flavors. They are good for any group any time of the year.

From there you can choose from different shapes depending on the time of year and the type of group you have. There are Christmas shapes and Valentine's Day shapes. There are sports lollipops and other gourmet flavors.

Choosing the best for your group is a matter of taste. Since there's only a 1 case minimum we suggest you try a case of any suckers that look interesting and try it. If it doesn't sell as well as you'd hoped you only have 1 case to sell before trying something different.

Minimums and Packaging

Lollipops are also sold by the case. Most come with 640 lollipops per case divided into 8 bags containing 80 pieces. There are a couple of options with smaller cases. There is only a 1 cases minimum on all of lollipops regardless of the case quantity.

When you're ready to get started:

When you've chosen your favoritess you can get started in one of two ways.

Everything shown on this page is available for sale in our secure online store. You can click on any item and then go directly to our store to place your order. Your order typically leaves our warehouses the day after we receive your order and payment so you should have your order within a week.

If you prefer to speak to a live person you can call our office toll free (866) 874-8383 and they will take your order over the phone.

Why should I buy from Easy Fundraising Ideas:

We offer a low price guarantee on all of our lollipop fundraisers. If you find the exact same lollipops that are shipped directly to your door at no cost for a lower price we will match that offer. We want you to know you are getting the best deal right here.

We want to be the most transparent fundraising company on the internet. There are no hidden costs and there are no ridiculous claims of 100% profit or more. We help thousands of groups every year and would be honored to help with your lollipop fundraiser.

April's most popular Lollipop fundraisers

Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

Yummy Licks are our #1 lollipop. They come in an assortment of all your favorite flavors. Yummy Licks Round lollipops are packaged in cases of 640 lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case. Shipping is FREE.

Color Xploder Lollipops

Color Blasters are a fun candy. These swirl lollipops look like a tie-dyed shirt. All of the different flavors are thrown together and you get a unique mixture of color and flavors. Since no two lollipops are exactly the same you get to offer new fresh products each time someone buys one of your fundraising lollipops. There is only a one case minimum.

Specialty Lollipops

Are you looking for custom lollipops? We have heart shaped lollipops, bunny lollipops, musical lollipops, star shaped lollipops, lips lollipops, Valentines lollipops. If fact we have lollipops for just about any time of year. You can make great profits with lollipop fundraisers anytime of the year. Look in this section for wholesale lollipops and wholesale suckers!

Sports Lollipops

If you are raising money for sports teams consider these fun lollipops. Your lollipop fundraiser can be specific to your particular sport. We have Baseball lollipops and Football lollipops. If we do not have your particular sport we have a great selection of other fundraiser suckers that will work well.

Shockwave Lollipops

Shockwave Sour Pops are one of our top elementary school lollipop fundraisers. Both kids and adults love sour candy. These are the original sour lollipops. It is definitely one of the top choices for a school needing to raise easy money.

Gourmet Lollipops

Creme de la Creme gourmet lollipops are very different than the everyday sucker most people are used to. They appeal to young and old. People love the creme and fruit combination flavors. It's rare that a product can be so different yet so good. We invite you to try a case.

Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate fundraising lollipops are a great way to combine the ease of selling lollipops with the popularity of selling chocolate candy. You'll find chocolate lollipops that cover the major holiday selling seasons along with sports specific lollipops. You sell the lollipops for $1.00 and make 40% profit.

Baseball Lollipops

Baseball lollipops are a great way for baseball teams, players or organizations to raise money all season long. Baseball lollipops are packaged in cases of 640 lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case.

Christmas Lollipops

You will increase your lollipop sales during the holiday season with these great Christmas Lollipops. They are packaged in cases of 640 fundraising lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case. And shipping is free

Heart Lollipops

Of course Heart shaped lollipops virtually sell themselves leading up to Valentine's Day. But they sell well any time of the year. There's a 1 case minimum, shipping is free and you will make 50% profit on each fundraising lollipop sold. Each case comes with 640 heart lollipops.

Lip Shaped Lollipops

Want a new product to increase your lollipop fundraising sales? Consider our Lip Lollipops. They sell well any time of the year but do especially well around Valentine's Day. There is only a 1 case minimum and you will make 50% profit on every lollipop you sell.

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