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Classical Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Post Icon Posted on 12/02/2009
Written by Howard Gottlieb
Have you ever wondered exactly what would constitute a classical Cookie Dough Fundraiser?

Here are the successful steps groups typically take to hold what they would define as a classical cookie dough fundraiser:

1. Start planning well in advance. Don't make a last second decision to sell cookie dough. That's one of the surest ways to have a fundraising disappointment. In fact, if you start planning for your next fundraiser the day after your current fundraiser ends, you will not be starting too early.

2. Choose the best dates possible. The most successful cookie dough fundraisers are held in October, November and March. That doesn't mean those are the only good months though. In fact those are the months when most groups are selling so holding a cookie dough sale during the summer months might actually be better since you will be competing with fewer people. The point, though, is to choose your dates well in advance.

3. Keep your group well informed of your plans. Make sure you prepare the people who will do the actual selling when they will be selling, what they will be selling, why they will be selling in the first place and what the benefits will be if they sell a lot.

4. Create clear ownership of the fundraiser's benefits. If each seller knows what success will mean for them then they will be more likely strive to be successful.

5. Set high but realistic goals for each seller. Do not just hand out the cookie dough brochures and hope for the best. Tell everyone how many tubs or boxes you expect them to sell. It is not unreasonable to tell each seller they need to sell at least 10 tubs. We had a group that averaged more than 120 tubs per seller so selling 10 tubs is very reasonable.

6. Motivate your sellers during the sale. Get updates during the sale. Motivate your sellers. Remind them why they are selling. Let them know how important the sale is and what a successful sale will mean to them personally. Keep them informaed of how close you are to their goal. And make sure they understand that you hope to not only reach your goal but that you actually hope to blow past your goals.

If you follow these steps you will have held what anyone can clearly called a Classic Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

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