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The Best Time to Cookie Dough Fundraise

Post Icon Posted on 11/03/2009
Written by Howard Gottlieb
Fundraisers come and fundraisers go but it seems like Cookie Dough Fundraising remains one of the best ways to raise money - no matter what size or type of group you have. But when is the best time to cookie dough fundraise?

There are two schools of thought. So let's focus on the two main fundraising seasons.

If you ask someone in the fundraising industry they will tell you the fundraising year is divided into the fall and the spring. I would suggest that fall makes up 60% of sales while the other 40% comes during the spring. That holds true for cookie dough fundraising too. Most of the sales are in the fall.

But you can pinpoint the window a little more precisely. Most people selling cookie dough do so in late October to early November with the hope that they can get their product in time for the major holidays. On the surface, then, more people cookie dough fundraise during that time so you could determine to jump on the bandwagon and hold your sale during the same period. Or you can attempt to get ahead of the curve and start your cookie dough sale in September so that you are the first in your neighborhood to sell. After all many of the cookie dough programs are frozen so people can store their cookie dough and safely have it onhand for the holidays.

During the spring fundraising season I would suggest you wait until late in the season. Groups that sell cookie dough right after the first of the year might run into people who still have cookie left from the fall season. If you wait until March to hold your cookie dough fundraiser you might actually find people who just recently cooked the last of their cookie dough and are ready for your sale.

Top Cookie Dough Fundraising Products

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. And now we’ve added Brownies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Rolls as well.

Preformed Cookie Dough

Brand New!!! Now you can sell boxes of our best selling preportioned frozen cookie dough fundraising program for just $10 each. The dough is preformed into perfectly portioned cookies. You just grab the number of cookies you want to bake. There's no need to thaw the dough. People love the convenience of this product.

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