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Money Savings Cards

Christian School Fundraising Money Savings Cards

Our Money Savings Cards offer lots of unique benefits. Make up to 90% profit. Get FREE shipping. The cards never expire. The card holder saves up to 75% at thousands of different stores. They get lifetime membership. You can sell the cards anywhere in the United States.


Christian School Fundraising Coffee

Coffee fundraisers are perfect for any type of school. We provide free brochures and order forms the students use to pre sell the coffee and tea with. They are selling 12 oz bags of freshly roasted ground coffee in vacuum sealed foil bags for $10. There are seven different flavors and a wonderful old fashioned gift tin that comes with four small pouches of coffee. We have also added a great selection of Tea. Your group makes 40% profit.

Cookie Dough Tubs

Christian School Fundraising Cookie Dough

Cookie school fundraisers are great for all age groups. Our top school cookie dough fundraiser is selling from our Premium Collection. Sellers offer a great selection of cookies that come in three pound tubs. The minimum order is only 120 tubs and we can ship the order in broken case quantities. We provide free brochures, order forms and cash collection envelopes to hold our fundraiser. You can make up to 55% profit.

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