Elementary School Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Do you feel like there are just too many elementary school fundraisers being held at your child's school?

Well you're not alone. In a recent survey more than 75% of the parents feel like the school holds way too many fundraisers.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be like that. More campaigns don't necessarily produce greater results. In fact successful schools have learned that a few well managed fundraisers produce better results.

Parents and Elementary School Fundraising

The odds are very good that parents will be the primary sales people when it comes to an elementary school fundraiser.

In the old days students would take their candy or their brochures and walk around the neighborhood taking orders. But those days are gone now for the most part. Now is a child does any selling it's limited to the neighbors and usually the parents are standing at the end of the sidewalk watching.

Now you need to consider parents in the equation because of they aren't the primary sellers that certainly need to help their student sell if your elementary school fundraiser is going to be successfull.

Parents as Sellers

More often most of the sales come from parents either becoming customers or becoming sales people. They take the brochures or candy to work with them. They call aunts and uncles and close friends. Now more than ever you should consider what works well for parents when you choose how to raise money.

You might consider sending home a note or email polling parents to see what they think about your previous fundraisers. Get their opinions long before getting started so you know what kind of support you might get.

Another great idea is to add a parent incentive along with any incentives you're offering the kids. Just think how fun it would be if you sent a note home and told the families that the top seller would get their house cleaned one Saturday. For a family where both parents work that could be an eye opening incentive.

The bottom line is involve your parents in your fundraiser.

Making Your Elementary School Fundraiser a Success

As a parent you will most likely never be more involved with fundraising then you are when your child is in elementary school. Parent involvement is as high as it's ever going to be. So how do you translate that participation into a successful elementary school fundraiser?

Here are 3 suggestions for improving results:

3 Things to Consider

1. Many elementary schools try to come up with prize programs or other incentives for the top selling students. But more and more it is the parents who do the selling. You might consider creating a second incentive program designed for the parents or you might even consider only incentivising the adult's results since they will be the driving force behind your sales.

2. Make sure to identify a clear purpose for the fundraiser and make sure as many students and families care about what you are raising money for. The fact is families might be more motivated to raise money for new playground equipment then they would be for new office computers.

3. Be sure to communicate regularly with the parents and mix up the ways you accomplish that. Never forget that most parents never see the wadded up papers that come home with students. By all means send home written notices. But considering emails, texts and phone calls if possible and always advertise your fundraiser and its purpose on school bill boards when available.

Different Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of different ways for elementary school to raise money. Let's talk about some of them:

Different Choices

1. We believe product fundraising is the easiest way for a school to make money. So on this page you will find some of the best products we think kids will not only enjoy selling but enjoy having. We offer the best candy, cookies and lollipops a kid can dream about. Click here to see all our fundraising products.

2. Lots of schools have had great success with school carnivals. The best carnivals offer food, fun games and ways to win some fun prizes. The downside to carnivals is the number of volunteer hours required to plan and set up every year. But if your school has a strong volunteer base than you might consider a carnival.

3. We have seen more and more schools choose to hold read-a-thons rather than sell a product. Read-a-thon fundraisers are a natural for elementary schools because the students should already be reading. You might as well monetize that effort. Here's a great resource for read-a-thons.

Best Times of Year to Hold Your Fundraiser


Principals and PTA's typically hold two fundraisers a year. One is scheduled for the fall before the Christmas break and the other is usually in the spring after the kids are back. But are there better times to hold a fundraiser?

It is always helpful to do a little market research and check out what other schools in your area are planning. Many schools try to target the holiday shopping season because people are in the spending mood and therefore there may be more potential customers. While that's true to some extent you want to limit your competition as much as possible and try to beat the other schools to the market.

If you considering a cookie dough fundraiser you might want to start right after the school year begins. That way your students are the first ones asking friends and neighbors to buy a product. And the student may not be as bogged down in school events as they will be later in the year.

The opposite is actually true for the spring. Most groups rush out their fundraisers right after the first of the year. If you can hold off and sell in March or April you will not compete with all the groups selling in February that want delivery in March.

More Information

Why Use Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Elementary School Fundraiser

We help thousands of groups every year raise millions of dollars and many of those are elementary school fundraising groups. We would love to help you and your school.

On this page you will find suggestions on great elementary school fundraising ideas. We offer different fundraisers that do not require any upfront cost. We offer high profit fundraisers and we offer fundraising ideas with low minimums for groups within elementary schools.

Elementary schools typically raise money school wide unlike other grade levels. But not always. That’s why we offer a great selection of large scale and smaller programs. In this section we will provide suggestions of tried and proven elementary school fundraising ideas that have help schools all over the country raise money.

Elementary School Fundraising is becoming so commonplace you would be hard pressed to find a single elementary school that does not hold a school fundraiser these days.

There are more school wide fundraisers in elementary school than there are at any other grade level. Parents are not yet burned out on fundraising. Their kids are new to school and they are at the peak of their involvement at all things pertaining to school. It is that parent involvement that makes for the most successful elementary school fundraisers.

Our Top Elementary School Fundraising Ideas:
Cookie Dough Fundraiser for Elementary schools
Elementary School Cookie Dough Fundraiser
The top cookie dough fundraiser for elementary schools
Flower Bulb Fundraiser
Flowers and Bulbs
One of the top no upfront cost elementary school fundraisers
Snackin in the USA Fundraiser
Snackin in the USA
Top school snack fundraiser anywhere in America
Elementary School Scratch Card Fundraiser
Elementary School Scratch Card Fundraisers
Every student in your school can raise $100 with a single card
Peanut Free Candy Bar fundraiser
Peanut Free Candy Bars
Peanut free candy bars are perfect for school aged kids
Great fundraiser for elementary schools looking to sell a healthier candy item
Fruit Snack Fundraiser
Elementary school students love this healthier candy option
The most popular fundraising lollipop purchased by schools
Best School Lollipops
Best selling elementary school lollipops in America
Elementary school smencils fundraiser
Smencils Fundraisers
Recycled pencil fundraiser perfect for elementary school students
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Getting Children Involved with Elementary School Fundraising

If you are thinking about raising some money for your elementary school, you may decide to plan some sort of elementary school fundraising event. Whether you are a teacher at the school, or the principal, or possibly even a parent who just wants to get involved and support a good cause, elementary school fundraising is a great way to earn some money to help the school in a short amount of time. It is also...