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High School Scratch Card fundraiser

High School Scratch Cards

High profit cards designed for high school students

High School Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Flowers and Bulbs

Flower Bulbs are perfect for school groups and clubs

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA

Top no cost high school snack food fundraiser

Magic Melts Fundraiser

Magic Melt Wax Bars

Another great no upfront cost school fundraising program

Reusable Bag Fundraisers

Reusable Shopping Bags

Fashion is the name of the game with this high school fundraiser

Great tasting fundraising pretzel rods

Pretzel Rod Fundraiser

Consider our newest direct sale pretzel snack

Lollipop Fundraiser

Yummy Lix

The top selling high school lollipops in America

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Jack Links Beef Jerky

Consider beef snacks instead of chocolate candy bars

Unlike elementary school, high school fundraising is done by smaller more diverse groups. There are so many different ideas but with the assortment of clubs and sports teams there needs to be. Our hope is that you will find the perfect high school fundraiser for your particular group in this section.

We will talk about more specifics below but any discussion about high school fundraisers should begin with the need for diversity. And your group needs to understand that there are more options open to public school groups if the school itself will take responsibility for the payment of any product purchases.

So on this page we offer a great selection of options for schools, clubs, groups, teams and classes including options that cost nothing to start and others than offer profits as high as 90%. So let’s explore high school fundraising ideas together.


Why Use Easy Fundraising Idea for Your High School Fundraiser?

We would like to help you choose the best High School Fundraising idea for your group.

Easy Fundraising Ideas helps thousands of groups raise millions of dollars every single year. Many of those groups are high school students. We know the ins and outs of high school fundraising. Let us help you too.

On this page we highlight some of our high school fundraisers. We offer dozens of different fundraising programs. But we chose the ones on this page because they show the different kinds of benefits the different high school fundraising ideas offer.

One of the fundraisers offers profits that can exceed 90%. One of the fundraisers has extremely small minimums and are perfect for smaller groups and even individual students. And one of the fundraisers requires no upfront cost to get started.

Fundraising Tips

The good news about high school fundraising is that typically the students participating are more willing to participate and have a direct stake in the outcome of the campaign. But there are some things high schoolers can do to maxmize their efforts:

1. Make sure you have a clear stated purpose for raising money. People will do better when they can envision the benefit so make sure everyone is on board with the need and the vision.

2. Set goals. That's true for any fundraising group. It's definitely true for this grade level because students should be told what expectations are. If you want someone to raise $100 then tell them they are expected to raise $100. You will be surprised how many do exactly what is expected - not one penny more nor one penny less.

3.Identify your market and where you will be selling your products. A lot of groups don't take this into consideration until it's too late. Are you going to be selling on the school grounds? Is your market other students or is it to friends and family?

Hopefully those tips will help no matter which high school fundraising idea you choose.

High School Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas to consider:

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. This is the perfect cookie fundraiser for any size group.

Coffee and Tea

You might consider selling coffee and tea to raise money. Coffee has been very successful for many types of groups. Your group would sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $10 each. There are seven great flavors along with an old fashion gift coffee tin. Coffee sales work best in the fall and winter.

Earth Candles

Earth fundraising candles are a great way to raise money with no upfront money. You offer a terrific selection of candles in all the most popular scents. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to hold your candle sale.

Home for the Holidays Candle Fundraiser

This is the perfect holiday season fundraiser. Our Home for the Holidays Candles make the perfect gift. There's no upfront cost so anyone can start this fundraiser. We provide everything you need to get started and there's no obligation or cost.

Flower Bulb Fundraising

We have Flower Bulb programs specifically for fall and another for spring so you can hold a flower fundraiser any time of year. Flower fundraisers are practical and ecologically sensitive. We offer a great selection of bulbs, a high profit potential, free brochures and order forms and the ability to qualify for free shipping.

Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

Yummy Licks are our #1 lollipop. They come in an assortment of all your favorite flavors. Yummy Licks Round lollipops are packaged in cases of 640 lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case. Shipping is FREE.

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser

The newest addition to our candle fundraisers. Magic Melts are highly scented wickless wax bars that you melt in candle warmers. There's no cost to start this fundraiser. Make 50% profit. You can even qualify for free shipping.

Peanut FREE $1 Chocolate Bars

Original One Dollar Bars are PEANUT FREE and the largest fundraiser candy bars. Besides being the largest candy bar the One Dollar Bars are only sold through fundraising and are not sold in discount retail stores or vending machines at discounted prices. With only a one case minimum, this chocolate fund raising product is perfect for small groups.

Shopping Bag Fundraiser

We'd like to introduce our updated Dodo Bag program. Now, in addition to the reusable canvas shopping bags, you'll find 24 different bags and totes. And there's no cost to start. We provide free brochures and marketing materials. You make 40% profit on each bag. If you sell 25 bags or more shipping is FREE.

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Written by Howard Gottlieb
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