High School Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Did you know that fundraising gets a whole lot easier once students reach high school?

If you are a parent who pays attention you know how bad middle school fundraising can be. Those years can be painful. The kids for the most part don't care a whole lot and parental involvement shrinks tremendously.

But then comes high school and fundraising becomes profitable once again.

There are a few reasons why high school fundraisers become profitable again. The most obvious is that high schoolers usually only get involved in fundraising when it benefits a team, club or group they have a passion for. Once they care about the reason you are raising money then you've won the fundraising game.

The other reason is that you no longer require parental involvement. Once it disappears in middle school it will only resurface in certain instances. In most cases parents of high school students get more involved with booster club fundraising.


Why High School Fundraisers are Different

High School Students

Unlike elementary school, high school fundraising is done by smaller more diverse groups. There are so many different ideas but with the assortment of clubs and sports teams there needs to be. Our hope is that you will find the perfect high school fundraiser for your particular group in this section.

We will talk about more specifics below but any discussion about high school fundraisers should begin with the need for diversity. And your group needs to understand that there are more options open to public school groups if the school itself will take responsibility for the payment of any product purchases.

So on this page we offer a great selection of options for schools, clubs, groups, teams and classes including options that cost nothing to start and others than offer profits as high as 90%. So let’s explore high school fundraising ideas together.


Top 3 Reasons You Should Partner with Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas helps thousands of groups raise millions of dollars every single year. Many of those groups are high school students. We know the ins and outs of high school fundraising. Let us help you too.

3 Things

Reason #1: High school fundraising is different than any other grade level. We help more high school teams and groups than any other fundraising company so we have access to data that shows which products are selling well for groups just like yours.

Reason #2: We have been in business since 2000 so we know the business better than most people. Over the years we've seen lots of ideas come and go. We don't waste your time showing you tons of different fundraisers or focus on the latest fas. Instead we show you the fundraisers that are tried and proven to raise money so you can accomplish your goals quickly and worry free.

Reason #3: On this page we will show you a variety of fundraisers so that you will be able to find some options to meet your specific needs. You will find fundraisers that cost nothing to start. Some with extremely high profit margins. And others designed for smaller groups.


Fundraising Tips

Helpful Tips

The good news about high school fundraising is that typically the students participating are more willing to participate and have a direct stake in the outcome of the campaign. But there are some things high schoolers can do to maxmize their efforts:

1. Make sure you have a clear stated purpose for raising money. People will do better when they can envision the benefit so make sure everyone is on board with the need and the vision.

2. Set goals. That's true for any fundraising group. It's definitely true for this grade level because students should be told what expectations are. If you want someone to raise $100 then tell them they are expected to raise $100. You will be surprised how many do exactly what is expected - not one penny more nor one penny less.

3.Identify your market and where you will be selling your products. A lot of groups don't take this into consideration until it's too late. Are you going to be selling on the school grounds? Is your market other students or is it to friends and family?

Hopefully those tips will help no matter which high school fundraising idea you choose.

Our Top High School Fundraising Ideas:
High School Scratch Card fundraiser
High School Scratch Cards
High profit cards designed for high school students
High School Flower Bulb Fundraiser
Flowers and Bulbs
Flower Bulbs are perfect for school groups and clubs
Snackin in the USA Fundraiser
Snackin in the USA
Top no cost high school snack food fundraiser
Magic Melts Fundraiser
Magic Melt Wax Bars
Another great no upfront cost school fundraising program
Reusable Bag Fundraisers
Reusable Shopping Bags
Fashion is the name of the game with this high school fundraiser
Great tasting fundraising pretzel rods
Pretzel Rod Fundraiser
Consider our newest direct sale pretzel snack
Lollipop Fundraiser
Yummy Lix
The top selling high school lollipops in America
Beef Jerky Fundraiser
Jack Links Beef Jerky
Consider beef snacks instead of chocolate candy bars
What Our Customers Say:
Snackin in the USA Fundraiser 2014
Review Posted by: Ashleigh - (March 09 2016)

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thanks for getting the items shipped out so quickly. The kids enjoyed this fundraiser. Everything was easy and I especially liked how quick you were to respond when there was a question. I look forward to booking another fundraiser with you next year! Thanks again, Ashleigh Berggren Special Education Teacher

Yummy Licks Round Lollipops
Review Posted by: Keris Raffery - (January 19 2016)

Tiffany, Just wanted to say thank you again for going above and beyond to make sure I had my order in time. (I received it this am) I really appreciate it and I look forward to doing business with you agian next year.

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: SHOC Club - (April 24 2015)

I loved this fundraiser. It was easy and convenient. They gave me no problems when I needed to change the end date of my fundraiser. The melts smell great. They send you order forms and money collect envelopes. I placed the order on Tuesday and received it on a Friday. I highly recommend this company

Flower Bulb Fundraising
Review Posted by: Lynn - (April 09 2015)

Lisa, Received our order yesterday! Thank you so much! Everything went great! I think everyone that ordered will be happy with their order I know I am! Thanks again, Lynn Workmaster

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Tawnja - (April 07 2015)

Kari, We received all candle and wax melt orders. Thank you so very much for all your help with this fundraiser. It was very successful for us! Thanks!

Flower Bulb Fundraising
Review Posted by: school district 91 - (April 06 2015)

Thank you very much for the easy fundraiser. It was so easy and you were so helpful we are doing a cookie dough now.

Flower Bulb Fundraising
Review Posted by: LouAnn - (March 23 2015)

Hi Teresa, Thank you for all of your assistance with this fundraising event. Everything is accounted for and looks great! I would definitely consider another fundraising event with your company in the future. LouAnn

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Kathy - (December 16 2014)

Kari, Please tell your team "U ROCK"! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Sincerely, Kathy and Bonnie, Lincoln K-8 Coaches

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