PTA Fundraisers - Learn How to Raise the Most Money

Have you ever attended a PTA convention and either worked a booth or walked past booths in the exhibit hall?

You can learn a lot about PTA fundraisers by doing that.

The first thing you find is that PTA board members hold two distinctly different positions on their PTA fundraiser of choice.

When asked they will often times defend their choice and tell you how well it does for them. On the other hand they will tell you how much they dislike fundraising in general.

3 Things to Consider

So we'd like to share 3 things to consider before starting your next PTA fundraiser.

Consideration #1: Be Honest About Your Current Fundraising Results

We have attended quite a few conventions and have talked to thousands of PTA members. Frankly I can count on one hand the number of people that absolutely loved the fundraiser they were doing and felt they were raising as much money as possible with the current program.

For those select few we congratulate them and tell them they would be the envy of everyone else in the exhibit hall. Because just about everyone else through the course of a short discussion admit they could do better.

So good PTA fundraising starts with an honest evaluation of how you've done in the past along with a good plan for future fundraising.

The plan should touch on the following points at a minimum:

1. How much do you really need to raise.

2. During your last fundraiser did you struggle to get enough volunteers?

3. Have your results over the past few years been declining or increasing?

4. What are you raising money for? Is it something your students and their parents would feel compelled to rally around?

Consideration #2: Comparing Your Options

Consider Your Choices

When was the last time you compared 3 or 4 fundraising ideas to see whether their was in fact a better fit for your school?

Here's some data you might want to use to compare those ideas:

1. What is your profit percentage?

2. If you are selling a product what is the retail price? Is the retail price reasonable or is it a price and product people would roll their eyes at and feel they are dramatically overpaying for?

3. How many volunteer hours does each option require? Do you historically find that you have a hard time getting enough volunteers?

4. How difficult will the delivery be at the end of the program? Are you equipped to handle the delivery?

5. Are you using a fundraising company to help you? If you are comparing different companies also compare their service levels.

After comparing this data you might find that your original choice was still the best. But you might find easier ways to raise the money. You will never know if you simply do the same thing over and over again.

Consideration #3: Take a Look at What's Working for Other Schools

Woman Looking at Options

When you take the time to look at what others are doing you might find some interesting stuff.

We did just that at the last couple of PTA conventions and here are 3 different things we were told:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraisers: It seems like lots of PTA continue to depend on cookie dough for their main fundraiser. The ones that do well can do very well. I fact we were told by some schools that they were raising more than $20,000 with the cookie dough sales. But honestly that was the exception not the rule. Most did agree that cookie dough was easy to sell. But lots of people complained that sales had grown tired.

2. Read-a-thons: More and more schools it seems have started to add event fundraisers like Read-a-thons, Walk-a-thons or Fun Runs to their fundraising mix. We heard lots of positives about these programs.

Readathon Fundraiser


3. School Discount Cards: Lots of schools continue to produce an annual discount card. The cards offer ongoing discounts at anywhere from 8 to 16 merchants. The PTA sells the cards for around $10 and can make up to $9 per card depending on how many cards they purchase. The customer gets a good deal if the PTA can get good merchants to offer reasonable coupons.

Why Use Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Next PTA Fundraiser?

More Information on PTA Fundraising

It seems like a typical PTA spends more time on fundraising than ever before. But they are critical. A PTA school fund raiser tends to be held on a large, school wide scale and usually is intended to meet the needs of the operating budget. Take a look at the different PTA fundraising suggestions that you might consider for your school. We offer some of the best options above.

More and more schools have come to depend on PTA fundraising ideas to fund programs and purchase items not covered by the school budget. Elementary school PTA fundraisers are more common than gym class these days.

Schools try all sorts of ideas. Some groups have tried Elementary School PTA Bingo Night Fundraisers. But we have more basic PTA fundraising ideas for you to choose from.

We want to make sure your PTA school fund raiser is successful and easy to manage. That is why we offer tried, proven and profitable PTA fundraising suggestions.

Our Top PTA Fundraising Ideas:
PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie Dough Fundraiser for PTAs
Best selling PTA cookie dough fundraising program
Flower Bulb Fundraiser for PTA's
Flowers and Bulbs
No upfront cost for fall or springs semesters
Snackin in the USA Fundraiser
Snackin in the USA
Fantastic selection of snacks. Great selection of tasty choices.
Magic Melts Fundraiser
Newest PTA Candle Fundraiser
Highly scented wax bar program costs nothing to start
Candy fundraiser for PTA's
Peanut Free Fundraising Candy Bars
Great candy option for PTA's and elementary schools
Earth candle fundraiser for PTA's
TOP PTA Candle Fundraiser
This is our best selling candle fundraiser
Top PTA Lollipop Fundraiser
Our Best PTA Lollipop Fundraiser
These are the best selling lollipops in the country
Beef Jerky Fundraiser
Jack Links Beef Jerky
Consider beef snacks instead of chocolate candy bars
What Our Customers Say:
Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: SHOC Club - (April 24 2015)

I loved this fundraiser. It was easy and convenient. They gave me no problems when I needed to change the end date of my fundraiser. The melts smell great. They send you order forms and money collect envelopes. I placed the order on Tuesday and received it on a Friday. I highly recommend this company

Flower Bulb Fundraising
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Lisa, Received our order yesterday! Thank you so much! Everything went great! I think everyone that ordered will be happy with their order I know I am! Thanks again, Lynn Workmaster

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
Review Posted by: Tawnja - (April 07 2015)

Kari, We received all candle and wax melt orders. Thank you so very much for all your help with this fundraiser. It was very successful for us! Thanks!

Flower Bulb Fundraising
Review Posted by: school district 91 - (April 06 2015)

Thank you very much for the easy fundraiser. It was so easy and you were so helpful we are doing a cookie dough now.

Flower Bulb Fundraising
Review Posted by: LouAnn - (March 23 2015)

Hi Teresa, Thank you for all of your assistance with this fundraising event. Everything is accounted for and looks great! I would definitely consider another fundraising event with your company in the future. LouAnn

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs
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Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
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