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PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraiser for PTAs

Best selling PTA cookie dough fundraising program

Flower Bulb Fundraiser for PTA's

Flowers and Bulbs

No upfront cost for fall or springs semesters

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA

Fantastic selection of snacks. Great selection of tasty choices.

Magic Melts Fundraiser

Newest PTA Candle Fundraiser

Highly scented wax bar program costs nothing to start

Candy fundraiser for PTA's

Peanut Free Fundraising Candy Bars

Great candy option for PTA's and elementary schools

Earth candle fundraiser for PTA's

TOP PTA Candle Fundraiser

This is our best selling candle fundraiser

Top PTA Lollipop Fundraiser

Our Best PTA Lollipop Fundraiser

These are the best selling lollipops in the country

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Jack Links Beef Jerky

Consider beef snacks instead of chocolate candy bars

It seems like a typical PTA spends more time on fundraising than ever before. But they are critical. A PTA school fund raiser tends to be held on a large, school wide scale and usually is intended to meet the needs of the operating budget. Take a look at the different PTA fundraising suggestions that you might consider for your school. We offer some of the best options above.

More and more schools have come to depend on PTA fundraising ideas to fund programs and purchase items not covered by the school budget. Elementary school PTA fundraisers are more common than gym class these days.

Schools try all sorts of ideas. Some groups have tried Elementary School PTA Bingo Night Fundraisers. But we have more basic PTA fundraising ideas for you to choose from.

We want to make sure your PTA school fund raiser is successful and easy to manage. That is why we offer tried, proven and profitable PTA fundraising suggestions.

With that in mind, we would like to suggest you consider the above PTA fundraiser options.

PTA Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas to consider:

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. And there's no cost to get started.

Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser

How many cookie dough fundraisers have no minimums, 50% profit and are free to start? That's why our Delisheries Cookie Mix fundraiser is skyrocketing in popularity. You can even qualify for FREE shipping. This is the perfect cookie fundraiser for any size group.

Coffee and Tea

You might consider selling coffee and tea to raise money. Coffee has been very successful for many types of groups. Your group would sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $10 each. There are seven great flavors along with an old fashion gift coffee tin. Coffee sales work best in the fall and winter.

Earth Candles

Earth fundraising candles are a great way to raise money with no upfront money. You offer a terrific selection of candles in all the most popular scents. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to hold your candle sale.

Home for the Holidays Candle Fundraiser

This is the perfect holiday season fundraiser. Our Home for the Holidays Candles make the perfect gift. There's no upfront cost so anyone can start this fundraiser. We provide everything you need to get started and there's no obligation or cost.

Flower Bulb Fundraising

We have Flower Bulb programs specifically for fall and another for spring so you can hold a flower fundraiser any time of year. Flower fundraisers are practical and ecologically sensitive. We offer a great selection of bulbs, a high profit potential, free brochures and order forms and the ability to qualify for free shipping.

Yummy Licks Round Lollipops

Yummy Licks are our #1 lollipop. They come in an assortment of all your favorite flavors. Yummy Licks Round lollipops are packaged in cases of 640 lollipops. Inside the case are 8 packages with each package containing 80 lollipops. You will make 50% profit selling just one case. Shipping is FREE.

Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser

The newest addition to our candle fundraisers. Magic Melts are highly scented wickless wax bars that you melt in candle warmers. There's no cost to start this fundraiser. Make 50% profit. You can even qualify for free shipping.

Peanut FREE $1 Chocolate Bars

Original One Dollar Bars are PEANUT FREE and the largest fundraiser candy bars. Besides being the largest candy bar the One Dollar Bars are only sold through fundraising and are not sold in discount retail stores or vending machines at discounted prices. With only a one case minimum, this chocolate fund raising product is perfect for small groups.

Shopping Bag Fundraiser

We'd like to introduce our updated Dodo Bag program. Now, in addition to the reusable canvas shopping bags, you'll find 24 different bags and totes. And there's no cost to start. We provide free brochures and marketing materials. You make 40% profit on each bag. If you sell 25 bags or more shipping is FREE.

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PTA fundraising is as much a part of school as report cards, tests and text books. As much as some people would like to think their school district could handle all expenses for elementary schools, the fact of the matter is they just can not. Thankfully faithful PTA members and parents in general do support school PTA fundraising projects! Choosing the right PTA fundraiser, though, is not an easy task. The dynamics of committee oriented PTA's...

PTA Fundraising Ideas

Here are key words associated with School PTA fundraising and why they are the words you should focus on during your planning stages: Business: Treat your PTA fundraiser the same way you would treat your business. Bottom line thinking, giving the right people responsibility, offering products your target market will be attracted to. Those are business thoughts that apply to PTA fundraising. Choose: Choose the right products to sell and that offer the profit potential needed....

Best PTA Fundraising Ideas

Many PTA presidents and PTA board members come to me asking what the best kind of PTA fundraising idea is. In the past, the answer was obvious. To have the best PTA fundraisers just do what you have always done, sell candy, cookie dough, or wrapping paper. These traditional fundraisers have long been the foundation for what people pictured when they thought of fundraising and they worked really, really well for quite...

Getting Volunteers for Your PTA Fundraiser

One thing that is quite often overlooked when planning PTA fundraisers is where are the volunteers going to come from and how many you will need. There is no doubt that parents of young children are overworked and overcomitted. That makes getting volunteers that much more difficult. The joke with fundraising coordinators is that they were the only ones not quick enough to leave the room when the request for volunteers was made. That is absolutely the...

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If you are reading this, then there is without a doubt a whirlwind of activity either currently happening at your child?s school?or there?s about to be! When your next PTA fundraiser is staring you in the face, especially if you?re coordinating it, take a deep breath. It doesn?t have to be crazy, and with the right team, it won?t be bad at all! The best way to avoid the potential stress is to...

PTA Fundraiser for Large Groups

When a school does a PTA fundraiser it usually encompasses the entire school. Even a small school would make a big group by fundraising standards. So when you have a big group, there is one motto to keep in mind when choosing a fundraising program: Go big or go home! Take advantage of having a large group by picking a fundraising program that will reach the masses. Find a program that offers...

PTA Fundraisers

PTA fundraisers have a reputation for being big and crazy. That reputation is pretty accurate most of the time ? but yours does not have to be that way. You can successfully have a low-key, organize elementary school PTA fundraising ideas for your school and still make the money you need for things like field trips, classroom supplies, programs, etc. The key to a successful fundraiser that will not make other...

Getting the Most of Your School PTA Fundraiser

If you are trying to come up with ideas for an effective school PTA fundraiser, you've probably got a situation where the entire PTA is involved, and you want to please everyone. But how to go about coming up with the perfect school PTA fundraising idea without ending up in a big disagreement? Organization is key if you want everything to run smoothly. There are different people in your school PTA with different strengths,...

Different Types of PTA Fund Raisers

It's no secret that school budgets simply do not provide all the funds needed to run the school. PTA groups have responded to this by taking charge themselves and organizing PTA fund raisers. Fund raisers can provide much-needed extra money for the school, and although it does take some patience and organization, PTA fund raisers can be rewarding in more ways than one. But how do you choose the right type of...

The Easiest PTA Fund Raiser

If your group is looking for new and exciting PTA fundraising ideas, then look no further. The Money Savings Card fundraiser is the newest way to raise money for your school. It is the easiest fundraiser available and the most profitable. A Money Savings Card is essentially a card that your customers will purchase during your PTA fundraiser that will allow them to save money while shopping online. Your group will...

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The PTA fund comes and goes in waves. But your budget does not have to come and go. There are great PTA fundraising ideas for each season, and with a little planning, you can have a full budget all year long. Fall: Doing a fundraiser around the time that school starts is all about timing. During that first week there are all kinds of papers being sent home with students, so...

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When the kids go back to school, the realities of the school's funding situation will hit home, and this is likely to affect your kids directly, whether they participate in sports, music, or other clubs or activities. The smart thing to do is to get the PTA together as soon as possible and get a PTA fundraiser organized, so that your group can hit the ground running with it as soon as school...

Choosing Good PTA fundraisers

If you have been a member of the PTA for any length of time, you already know one of the biggest challenges that today's schools face: budgeting. School funding is so pathetically low that most things the school needs will require additional resources. Many PTA associations have responding to this by organizing PTA fundraisers, because this is a great way to bring in some much-needed cash. There is some organizing to be...

Making the Most of Your School PTA Fundraiser

School is starting up again, and that means a school PTA fundraiser can't be far away. If you already know about school fundraisers and have done this before, you probably learned a lot from previous years, and this time you're determined to do things in a different way. There is no single right method for creating a PTA fundraiser that is successful and fun, but the more you learn about your...

Organizing a PTA Fundraiser for Maximum Success

When organizing a PTA fundraiser, you want to make sure that your fundraising idea is pulled off for maximum success, that it will bring in the most amount of funding to your school, and that everyone involved will have a fun and exciting time doing it. Of course, this is easier said than done, and you will need to plan out each stage of your PTA fundraiser carefully in order to achieve the best possible...

Written by Howard Gottlieb
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