Tips for Distribution Day

If you’ve ever been in charge of a product fundraiser then you know that one of the most stressful moments is when you receive your bulk order. A lot of people don’t take the time to do what any business would. They don’t receive the order and check it off against the packing slip that comes with the order. Then they wonder why there are issues after the fact.

So let’s talk about the best way to receive your product and accurately distribute it to your group members.

The first thing you should do is count the number of boxes you receive. Make sure you have received the right number of boxes. Don’t panic if there are less because boxes can be separate in transit.

Next remove the product and separate it by product type. Once that’s done count each item and note the total on the packing slip. If there are any discrepancies you should immediately contact Easy Fundraising Ideas or whatever supplier you used. Assuming the product count matches the packing slip you know that you at least received what you were billed for.

We suggest you sort your participant orders largest to smallest by number of items sold.  Start to pull the largest orders first. Pull all of the items on an order and mark each item as it is pulled. When the order is completely pulled you might have a different person verify it for accuracy. If your bulk order was calculated properly you should be able to go through all the orders and pull the items each seller sold.

If there is a problem at this stage then the odds are your group did not tally all of the orders correctly and additional product might need to be ordered.

The one thing you never want to do is to allow your sellers to start taking their orders home before all orders have been pulled. The worst situations we’ve experienced with groups is when they lose control of their product and there is no longer a way to know what was actually received. So please follow the above steps and make your distribution day much more stress free.


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