Become a Fundraising Affiliate with Easy Fundraising Ideas

Does your website attract any of the following people?

  • Students or Schools
  • Mothers or Fathers
  • Sports Teams or Athletes
  • Churches, Church Groups or Church Members
  • Non Profit Groups

These people are most likely involved with fundraising. Make money by helping your visitors find Easy Fundraising Ideas, the number 1 online product fundraising company in the USA. Easy Fundraising Ideas helps thousands of groups raise millions of dollars every single year. Let us make some money for you. Become a Fundraising Affiliate today!

Some things you should know:

  • Product fundraising is a multi billion industry
  • Schools, sports groups, churches and non-profits are constantly looking for ways to make money
  • You can earn money by helping these groups learn more about fundraising
  • Easy Fundraising Ideas helps thousands of groups every single year

Fundraising Affiliates make money 4 different ways with Easy Fundraising Ideas:

  • We will pay you up to $1 for each visitor you send to Easy Fundraising Ideas that requests our FREE Fundraising Catalog or a Product Info Packet.
  • We will pay you $3 for each visitor you send to Easy Fundraising Ideas that books a brochure or pre sell fundraiser such as cookie dough, candles, flower bulbs, etc. (if you have been paid for that visitor requesting a free catalog the amount paid for that lead will be subtracted from the $3).
  • For every lead you send us that turns in and pays for their fundraiser, you will earn an additional $5.

How does it work?

When you send a visitor to Easy Fundraising Ideas we will set a 60-day tracking cookie on your visitor’s computer. Why is that important? A visitor from your site can come back anytime during the next 60 days to fill in a form or place an order and you will still get credit!

What Do You Have to Do?

Simply sign up to become an Easy Fundraising Ideas affiliate and place our links and/or banners throughout your website. Those links will all be encoded with your referral information so you can track the visitors you send to us.

We offer banner ads, skyscraper ads, rectangular ads and text links pertaining to every area of product fundraising. The most successful affiliates will place both ads and text links throughout their site, especially in areas on their sites visited by anyone that might be interested in fundraising.

On the first of every month we will submit for payment any commissions earned on leads and sales and mail checks within 10 business days.

We provide an affiliate interface that tracks everything for you. The interface will display:

  • All clicks from your sites to Easy Fundraising Ideas.  We will show you what page they clicked from and what page they landed on.  This can be tracked in real time.
  • All clicks from your site to Easy Fundraising Ideas that resulted in a catalog request. 
  • All clicks from your site to Easy Fundraising Ideas that resulted in a booked fundraiser (i.e cookie dough, candles, coffee, flower bulbs, etc.)
  • All information will also display the IP address and a time stamp for the click.

Important Information

When one of your visitors clicks through your link to visit our site we set a browser side tracking cookie so we can identify your customer if they return directly to Easy Fundraising Ideas within the 60 day time frame. We cross reference the visitor's IP and check for previously set cookies. We will report only 1 click through for that IP during the cookie period. That means you will only see 1 click through per IP during a 60 day period unless the cookie has been removed from the visitors browser. We do this to better track conversion rates.

In order to protect the integrity of the program we pay commissions one time for a new customer. That means you can earn commission for a lead, a booking and an order for all new visitors.