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Auction Fundraisers

Easy Fundraising Ideas does hold or organize auctions for fundraisers. However, many people searching for fundraising opportunities come to our website looking for auction fundraising services. If we do not provide the fundraising services you are searching for we hope to be able to point you in the right direction.

To that end we have contacted many websites that do specialize in Auctions and Auction Fundraising and asked them to share some of their expertise with you. Below you will find some of those partners.

We are not directly associated with any of these companies and are not compensated by them. We choose them because of the quality and content of their websites. We hope you can use this as a resource to learn all you need about auctions and will come back to us whenever you are looking for fundraising ideas.

Gavel Group

The Gavel Group provides highly sought after, hard to find, unique auction items for use in your charity auction or fundraisers.  These popular, exclusive travel packages allow you to only purchase what you sell, making it risk free.  Family vacations, international trips,  cruises, adventure travel, golf trips and hundreds more,  the Gavel Group has it all.  Auction items your donors will go crazy over, pay big money for and return year after year to purchase.  The Gavel Group also provides auctioneering and auction production services.  Contact The Gavel Group at 800-209-6888 and visit our website at

Would you like your auction fundraising program to be included here? Please send an email to Easy Fundraising Ideas. There is no financial cost to be included.