Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Fundraiser
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  • 0g Trans Fat per Serving
  • Peanut FREE
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Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Fundraiser

If you have been looking at alternatives to candy fundraising this is the program for you. Everyone loves a cookie now and then. Offer your supporters one of these delicious $1 baked chocolate chip cookies. There is only a 1 case minimum order. Shipping is FREE.

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What You Should Know
Your cost and profits are based on the number of cases of Baked Chocolate Chip Fundraising cookies that you purchase. Take a look at our profit chart.
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Profit and Cost
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Cases Bought % Profit Cost per Case
100 or more 55% $86.40
50 - 99 50% $96.00
25 - 49 48% $99.84
6 - 24 45% $105.60
1 - 5 40% $115.20

Why Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Fundraisers?

Are you looking for a new fundraising product to sell?

Everyone loves a cookie now and then. That's why we created our Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie fundraiser. We now offer cases of delicious $1 baked chocolate chip cookies that you sell just like a candy fundraiser.

Here are just some of this Chocolate Chip Cookie fundraiser's benefits:

  • Each cookie retails for only $1 each.
  • The cookies have 0g of trans fat per serving
  • Cookies are Peanut FREE
  • The minimum order is only 1 case
  • Kosher certified

There is only a 1 case minimum order. Shipping is FREE.

Most groups purchase a case of Baked FundraisingChocolate Chip Cookies for every 2 people in their group. Each case has 192 cookies. The cookies are packed in 48-count carriers. You get 4 of those carriers in each case.


Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie are great for so many reasons:

  • High Profits - Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie fundraising offers profits as high as 55%. Even groups that only purchase a single case will make 40% profit
  • FREE SHIPPING - Unlike many other fundraising companies Easy Fundraising Ideas will pay for ALL shipping costs if you choose us supplier.
  • Lowest Minimums - We designed this cookie fundraiser so that any group can take advantage. We did that by reducing the minimum order down to one case.

How Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Fund Raising Work:

  1. The first step is to determine the number of cookies that you would like to purchase. If you are unsure of the amount you want you might consider that most groups purchase 1 case for every 2 people that will be selling.
  2. You are ready to place your order. Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie need to be paid for when you place your order. We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders and can even give credit terms to public schools issuing valid purchase orders.
  3. You can order your cookies by calling us toll free (866) 874-8383 or you can purchase your cookies online in our secure store. Click on the icon below to go to our store:

How do you place your order for Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies?

You can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 to place your order. That is the preferred method for people that have questions and for public schools wanting to order using a public school purchase order. For others you can also purchase cookies in our secure online store by clicking on the Red Button at the top of this page.


When will you get your Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Typically we try to ship your coookies within 2 or 3 business days following receipt of your order and payment. Taking transit time into consideration most groups will have their cookies in 7 to 10 days or less.