Product Overview

Why Play-N-Bake Frozen Cookie Dough?

For years groups with younger children had great success holding Play N Bake Cookie Dough fundraisers. The cookie dough was made to replicate Play Dough where kids could take the Play N Bake cookie dough, form shapes and designs and their parents could cookie their creations in the oven. Not only did the kids love the cookies but they loved their own designs.

Unfortunately Chippery decided to stop producing Play N Bake Frozen Cookie Dough so it is no longer available for fundraising or for sale through other distribution channels. If you have held a Play N Bake Cookie Dough Fundraiser in the past and would like some suggestions on successful cookie dough fundraising programs, we would like to suggest:

Premium Collection Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraising

Our Premium Collection Frozen Cookie Dough is our most popular fundraising cookie dough. It is the fundraising cookie dough we most recommend. The program offers a wonderful selection of flavors and is priced very competitively with all other cookie dough lines. The quality of the cookie dough is excellent. But the thing that separates Premium Collection Cookie Dough from the others is the case size. These cases come packed with 6 tubs vs. 8 tubs for most cookie dough companies. Since you purchase cookie dough by the case the smaller number of tubs per case reduces the extra cookie dough you will order at the end of your sale.

Chippery Preformed Cookie Dough Fundraising?

Chippery frozen cookie dough has been one of the best selling brands for years. If you are looking to hold a frozen cookie dough fundraiser you might consider selling boxes of preformed Chippery Cookie Dough. People love the idea of having proportioned cookie dough instead of having to scoop frozen dough from a tub. You simply choose the number of cookies you want to cook and throw them in the oven. No need to thaw the dough in advance. Chippery Preformed Cookie Dough is a great option for the people who had success selling Play N Bake Cookie Dough because they are made by the same company.

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