Find a Current Participating Store

Easy Fundraising Ideas has collected the most extensive list of pizza stores that want to participate in our Buy One Get One Free Pizza fundraising Discount Card fundraiser. By clicking on your state below you can easily determine if your local Restaurant participates in this fundraiser. If you do not find your local store please see the instructions below. We have had thousands of pizzerias that have participated in this program. There are national chain stores and local mom and pop restaurants. You choose the store closest to you that participates and we will include that store address on your cards.

Add Your Local Store!

Our list of participating stores only contains those that we have written contracts on hand from. New stores are added all the time. However, if you do not see your store listed in your state's page you can earn $100 of FREE cards for signing them up.

Contact the Store Yourself

Contact the store and ask the owner or manager if they would like to participate in this fundraiser. Stores report strong increases in traffic as members of your group and your supporters start buying your pizza at participating stores. There is no cost to the store to be included. For every store you sign up that is not currently listed on our site we will give you $100 WORTH OF FREE CARDS (10 cards for each new store). To do this you will need to download our Pizza Card Merchant Agreement, have the owner or manager sign it and fax (682-518-1616) it back to us. We will send you your 10 free cards whether you buy cards or not!

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