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Why an Entertainment Book Fund Raiser?

The Entertainment Book fundraiser is a perfect way for your group to make money while offering your supporters true value. You will simply not believe the number of different coupons in each and every Entertainment Book fund raiser catalog. Your supporters can literally save thousands of dollars with hundreds of 50%-off, buy one get one free and other similar offers.

Fundraiser Entertainment Books come with great deals on eating out. There are coupons for dry cleaning, for travel, for car washes and for so much more.

When you book entertainment fund raising programs, you will offer supporters a gigantic book of coupons generated specifically from local merchants in your area. In fact, there is an entertainment book fundraiser designed for 150 different metropolitan areas around the United States and Canada.

Click on the link below if you would like more information on the Entertainment Book:

Great Value with Entertainment Fund Raising

If you know people who eat out, the Entertainment Book Fundraiser is perfect. Your supports will get hundreds of coupons ranging from 50% off to Buy One Get One Free offers at local and national restaurants. Everyone will find coupons to restaurants they love. It does not matter whether you typically buy fast food for fine cuisine. The selection is terrific.

Fundraiser Entertainment in Your Area

The great thing about the Entertainment Book is that there are more than 150 different editions to make sure the coupons and offers are good in your area. You can be comfortable that you will find literally hundreds of coupons to local restaurants and businesses that your supporter frequent regularly. Click on the link below, give us some basic information and allow one of our sales staff to tell you all about the Entertainment Passbook that covers your area:

No Risk Entertainment Fundraisers

There is no upfront cost for your Entertainment fund raiser. You pay only for what you sell. Your local representative will help get you started and explain exactly how the program will work best for your group. We will even provide free promotional materials and an incentive program to get the most out of your participants.

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