M&M Variety Pack Fundraising

    Everyone Loves M&M's

    Our #1 candy fundraiser!
    Stocked in 20 regional warehouses.
    Free Delivery.
    Convenient handled carriers.
    Up to 50% profit!

    Why M&M’s Variety Pack Fundraiser Candy?

    Candy is the #1 direct sale fundraiser item. The One Stop Candy Shop from M&M's has been our top selling fundraiser candy variety pack for years. It has been a favorite for groups of all types and sizes.

    Just about everyone loves one of the four great favorite candy items in this variety pack. This variety pack gives you the greatest opportunity to make sure you have the right candy on hand to maximize your candy fundraising effort.

    M&M's One Stop Candy Shop is sold by the case. Each case contains four handled carriers of candy that each contains 52 candy bars. You get 18 Peanut M&M's, 18 Snickers, 9 Plain M&M's and 7 Skittles. That means you are getting 208 candy bars in each case. The selection assures that everyone will have something to choose from. Each candy sells for $1.

    Remember when placing your order that you are buying candy by the case and selling it by the carrier. A very conservative fundraiser will be one in which each participant sells one carrier. Many groups have each participant sell a full case each.

    We strongly suggest M&M Mars fundraising candy because of the popularity of its brands and the profit potential it offers. We have included a profit chart below. It will help you calculate your profits and costs. Remember all pricing is done by the case. The more cases you purchase the lower the price per case.

    Fundraiser candy is a direct sale item. That means you purchase the candy in advance and hand it directly to your customer when they pay you. It is one of the easiest fundraising ideas available. You can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 to order candy or you can order M&M’s fundraising candy directly online. Click on the icon below to go to our secure candy store:

    M&M’s Candy Fundraising Variety Pack is a great fundraiser for so many reasons:

    Extremely High Profits - Most groups strive for 50% profit. While candy profit percentages are dependent on the number of cases you sell, your group can make up to 50% profit selling M&M’s fundraiser candy.
    Low Minimums - We have lowered our minimum order requirement on M&M’s Variety fundraising candy down to 7 cases. Of course the more fundraising candy you purchase the lower your price.
    FREE SHIPPING - Easy Fundraising Ideas pays the shipping cost when you order M&M’s One Stop Variety Pack fundraising candy. We maintain inventory in more than 20 regional warehouses so we will either deliver your candy on one of our distribution center trucks or we will pay to have it shipped directly to you.
    Convenient Handled Carriers - You purchase M&M's fundraising candy by the case. Each case, though, contains 4 handled carriers for ease of use. Each of those handled carriers comes with 52 candy bars for fundraising. Not only are the carriers easy to carry by the handle, they can also be displayed on a counter or desk for easy sales.

    How M&M’s Fundraiser Candy Sales Work:

    1. The first step is to determine the amount of candy that you would like to purchase. If you are unsure of the amount you want you might consider that most groups sell either 1 or 2 carriers per person. That means you should purchase 1 case for every 2 to 4 people selling your fundraiser candy.
    2. You are ready to place your order. Candy, though, needs to be paid for when you place your order. We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders and can even give credit terms to public schools issuing valid purchase orders.
    3. You can order your candy by call us toll free (866) 874-8383 or you can purchase your candy online in our secure candy store. Click on the icon below to go to our store:

    How much profit will you make selling M&M’s Fundraising Candy?

    Candy fundraising profits are determined based on the number of cases of candy that you sell. The more cases you purchase the lower your cost per case. In order to determine what your profit percentage and cost per case will be we have suggest you look at the profit chart below:

    How do you place your order for M&M’s Variety Pack Fundraiser Candy?

    You can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 to place your order. That is the preferred method for people that have questions and for public schools wanting to order using a public school purchase order. For others you can also purchase candy in our secure candy store by clicking on the following icon:

    When will you get your M&M’s Fundraiser Candy?

    We stock M&M’s fundraising candy in more than 20 regional warehouses around the United States. That allows us to choose the closest distribution point to insure fast delivery. Typically we can have candy delivered to you within 7 to 10 days of receiving your order and payment. In many cases delivery will be quicker depending on your location.