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Why a Choose-a-thon Fundraiser Event?

Choose-a-thon is an online system designed to handle all administrative and marketing functions associated with event type fundraising activities. In just minutes, you can create a website for your group and its event. Each of your participants also creates a webpage detailing their involvement and they each simply input a list of potential sponsors into the system. Choose-a-thon automatically sends emails on their behalf to those sponsors directing them to your event website and invites them to make pledges on your behalf.

Since everything is automated, participants should be encouraged to include all family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, people who attend worship services with your family and anyone anywhere in the world in their potential sponsor list. With Choose-a-thon, people on the other side of the world can still help in your fundraising efforts. Choose-a-thon provides everything you need. We give you free signup sheets, free posters to advertise your event, up to date fundraising software that handles all administrative and record keeping functions, the ability for donors to pay by credit card, you get your own website and we send custom emails to gather donation pledges, bill for pledges and to follow up on delinquencies. All you need to do is schedule and hold your event.

Online Fundraiser Events

Choose-a-thon is an online resource to help raise money for your fundraiser event. You easily create a website that includes details about your group and its event. Participants also create web pages explaining their involvement. The system sends out targeted emails to potential supporters inviting them to your website and asking for their support.

No Upfront Cost

There is no upfront cost to use the Choose-a-thon program. You simply visit the Choose-a-thon website, click on the get started now button and create your website. You are charged 20% of any donations made through the Choose-a-thon system.

No door to door selling

Participants enter the names and email addresses of potential supporters anywhere in the world and the system sends emails inviting them to visit your website and donate money to your cause. It can all be done from the comfort of your home, office or school.

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