Fundraising Calendars
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  • No Upfront Cost
  • Up to 60% Profit
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Fundraising Calendars

If you are holding a fundraiser in the fall then you might consider a calendar fundraiser. You will offer a great selection of top quality calendars. There is no upfront cost and you can make up to 60% profit. People buy new calendars every year. Your group should offer those calendars.

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What You Should Know
Your profit depends on the number of calendars that you actually sell. Take a look at the profit chart provided.
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Profit and Cost
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% Profit

Shipping Cost

2500 and up 60%FREE
1000 to 249955%FREE
500 to 99950%FREE
250 to 49940%FREE
100 to 24930%FREE
1 to 9930%$65

Why Calendar Fundraising?

Just think about it. People purchase new calendars every year. That means there is a constant market for people needing to replace their old calendars. It is what makes holding Calendar Fundraisers so successful.

We offer one of the most complete calendar fundraising programs available. Your customers can choose from a wonderful selection of calendars. There is literally a calendar for everybody.

Besides a great selection of calendars our Calendar Fundraiser also includes some great greeting cards to help maximize your sales. Both the cards and the calendars are competively priced.

This is a pre-sell or brochure fundraiser. We will provide free order forms your group will use to pre-sell the calendars and cards. You should collect your money as you pre-sell. Once your Calendar Fundraiser is complete, you add up all your orders and call Easy Fundraising with one bulk order. We pay for shipping on all orders of 100 units or more. There is a $65 shipping fee on smaller orders.

We suggest you schedule a two-week calendar fundraising selling period.

Calendar Fundraisers offer the following benefits:

NO Money Upfront - That’s right. There is no cost to get started. You pre sell the product using brochures and order forms that we provide at no charge. You order your FREE pre-sell brochures for each participant, take orders, then call in or fax your final order of needed amounts.
FREE Order Forms - We will provide you with a free brochure, order form and cash collection envelope for each member of your fundraising group. We provide all the sales materials you will need free of charge.
FREE SHIPPING - Your group can qualify for free shipping by selling 100 or more calendars. If you sell fewer than 100 we charge a nominal $65 shipping fee.
Great Selection of Products - Our calendar fundraising program includes a great selection of different calendars so there is a design for everyone. The program also includes some great greeting card and thank you note assortments too.

How Calendar Fundraising Works:

  1. Get free brochures for each member of your fundraising group
  2. Have members sell calendars and card to friends and family and collect payment.
  3. At the end of your 2 week sale gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.
  4. You place the final order for the products with us by phone or fax.
  5. We ship all items to you, which you then distribute to your participants.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)

How much profit will you make on your Calendar Fundraiser?

Calendar fundraisers are very similar to cookie dough fundraisers. Your profits are calculated based on the number of calendars that you sell. The more units you sell the higher your profits.


How much do you pay to start a Calendar Fundraiser?

Calendar fundraising programs are pre sale. That means you do not purchase calendars in advance to sell. You sell using brochures and order forms that we will provide to each member of your group free of charge. That means you will not pay anything to start your fundraiser. There is no upfront cost so there is no risk in trying a calendar fundraiser.

How do you place your final Fundraising Calendar order?

At the end of your sale you should collect all of the order forms and cash from each member of your group. You will need to tally all of the order forms together. Some people find it helpful to use a spreadsheet like Excel. You will also want to add up all the money collected too.

When you have your totals you can enter them on the master order form we provided when we sent you your free brochures and fax it to us (682) 518-1616 OR you can simply call us toll free (866) 874-8383 with your order.

Once we receive your order we will enter it in our system and send you an invoice. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by calling with a Visa or Master Card or you can mail us a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. We do accept purchase orders from public schools and will release orders upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

When will you get your fundraising calendars?

We drop ship your order directly from the company that prints the calendars so the turnaround time is usually very fast. For planning purposes you should have your calendars within 2 weeks. The lead time might be slightly longer during the most peak fundraising time periods.