Custom Discount Fundraising Cards
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Custom Discount Fundraising Cards

Raise money by creating your own discount card fundraiser. Sign up between 8 and 12 local merchants to advertise on the back of your fundraising discount cards. We will custom design the front for your group. These fundraiser discount cards make terrific annual fundraising tools.

Product Review
ong>Review Posted by: Melanie - (2014-03-05)

"Tiffany, I just wanted to let you know I received our discount cards and they look awesome! Thank you again for all your help, I will definitely go through you for any future fundraisers! Thank you, Melanie "

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What You Should Know
Custom Fundraising Discount Cards offer some of the highest profits possible. Take a look at the profit chart below to estimate what your group can earn with this outstanding program:
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Profit and Cost
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Cards Bought% ProfitCost per Card
250090% plusCall for Pricing
100 min60%$4.00

Above pricing based on Group signing up their own merchants.

Cards Bought% ProfitCost per Card
250085% plusCall for Pricing
250 min50%$5.00

Above pricing based on our signing up your merchants.


Why Discount Card Fundraising?

Discount cards have been tried and proven to work as successful fundraisers for medium to large groups. In fact most groups that sell fundraising discount cards do it annually. They find people look forward to getting their new fundraising discount card each year.

We have two different approaches to discount card fundraisers. Either way you will be able to offer supporters a competitively priced fundraising discount card with great offers from local merchants that you choose.

Our main discount card program is different than others. We provide you all the tools to choose your own local merchants to advertise for free on the back of your discount card. You and volunteers from your group go around and sign up the merchants. Restaurants, florist, auto repair, dry cleaners, fitness centers, tanning salons, nail salons, bakeries, car washes, pizza places and other local merchants love the opportunity to advertise for free. We even include the contracts for the merchants who want to participate. We find that signing up merchants goes much more quickly when a local person walks into the merchant and explains the program. Many groups can get up to 12 merchants signed up in one weekend.

By signing up you own merchants you get to choose who is on your card. We get to offer much lower minimum card requirements allowing more groups to take advantage of fundraiser discount cards. And you get the very best pricing in the industry.

Note: If we sign up your merchants we will guarantee that you will have 10 merchants.


Custom Fundraising Discount Cards are great for fundraising for so many reasons:

Extremely High Profits - Discount Fundraising Cards offer some of the highest profit margins in the fundraising industry. Depending on how many cards you order you can make up to 90% profit or $9.00 per card. Many fundraising products offer profit percentages of 50% or less.
Lower Minimums - You can purchase as few as 100 Fundraising Cards at a time. That means that any group that wants to make money can hold a discount card fundraiser.
FREE SHIPPING - Easy Fundraising Ideas pays the shipping cost when you order fundraising discount cards. We ship via UPS Ground which means your cards should arrive with 4 or 5 business days. Of course you can pay extra for faster shipping when necessary.
Custom Discount Cards Designed for Your Group - Both the front and back of your card will be custom designed for your group. If you have an idea of what you want your fundraising discount cards to look like let us know and we will have our graphics team design it your way. Otherwise we will design a card that reflects your organization. On the back we will include the offers you get from merchants. Those offers are printed in black and are text only. If you are ready to sign up merchants click on the link to get our merchant agreement.

How Fundraising Discount Card Fundraisers Work:

  1. The first step is determining whether you are going to sign up your own merchants. We strongly suggest this option since it will both save you money and time. The cost of your cards is dramatically lower and you will get much faster responses from your merchants. To get started download our discount card merchant agreement and make enough copies for each merchant you plan on contacting.
  2. Bring the merchant agreements to your local merchant. Explain that you are putting together a discount card and you would like to have them advertise for free on the back of the cards. Merchants love the free exposure and report great returns on this type of free advertising. Get the merchant to write down their offer and sign the agreement.
  3. When you have all of your merchant agreements completed fax or mail them to us. Our fax number is (682) 518-1616. Our mailing address is Easy Fundraising Ideas, 2420 North Hwy 287 #106, Mansfield, TX 76063.
  4. Let us know what you would like the front of your fundraiser discount cards to look like so our graphics department can design your custom cards.
  5. We will send you a proof of the front and back of the cards for your approval.
  6. Place your order for cards.

How do you place your order for custom fundraising discount cards?

The process for ordering custom discount cards is a little more complex than any of our other fundraising cards programs. Basically you need to download our discount card merchant agreement, get the local merchants you want to sign the agreement and then forward those signed agreement to our offices. Our graphics team will design your card and send it to you for approval. Upon your approval you will tell us exactly how many cards you would like to order. We will process your order and send it to the print shop.


When will you get your Fundraiser Discount Cards?

Custom Fundraising Cards take a little more time since we are custom designing and then custom print your cards. Our normal lead time for printing is two weeks from the time we receive your order and payment. When planning your custom fundraising discount card fundraiser you should estimate 3 weeks for delivery.