Fundraising Discount Cards
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Fundraising Discount Cards

City Savings Cards are our top multi-merchant discount card fundraiser. You select merchants from a list of hundreds in your area. WE do the rest of the work, contacting each merchant to get them to offer discounts specifically for your discount card fundraiser! Each fundraising card will contain UNLIMITED USE discounts from at least 10 local merchants.

Product Review
ong>Review Posted by: Mel Mouradian - (2012-01-26)

"They look great! We are very pleased with them. I thank you so much for your time and effort on creating these cards for our new ball fields! You can surely use me as a reference if anyone wants to call me. I will gladly help! Thanks!"

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Take a look at the information in the profit chart. It will show you the different price breaks and how much each card will cost. The more cards you purchase the less you will pay for each card.
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Why City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards?

The City Savings Card is a multiple merchant fundraising discount card that allows up to 10 different stores to advertise on the back of a custom discount card for your group.

We will provide you with a list of 300 stores in your area. We ask you to choose up to 75 of the stores and merchants you would like to have on your card. We will contact those stores and get at least 10 signed up for your custom fundraising discount card.

The offers will be discounts including buy one get one free offers. But the best thing is that are unlimited use discounts so your customer will enjoy the discounts for an entire year.

You will see the cards for $10 each. Your cost is between $2.50 and $5.00 each depending on the number of cards you order. That means you can make up to $7.50 profit on each card you purchase.

We will print your group name on the front of our basic City Savings Card at no extra charge. If you prefer we can completely design a custom card front. There is a 1 time $150 artwork charge for the custom front.


City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards are great for fundraising for so many reasons:

Extremely High Profits - Our City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards offer profits as high as 75%.
Choose your own Merchants - We will provide a list of 300 local merchants for you to choose from. You choose up to 75 stores and we will sign up 10 for the back of your card..
FREE SHIPPING - Easy Fundraising Ideas pays the shipping cost when you order City Savings Fundraising Discount cards. We ship via UPS Ground which means your cards should arrive with 4 or 5 business days. Of course you can pay extra for faster shipping when necessary.

How City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards Work:

  1. Determine how many cards you would like to sell. We suggest that each member of your group will sell between 5 and 10 cards each.
  2. We will send you a list of 300 potential local stores. We suggest you choose up to 75 of those stores. You can even add your local favorites if they are not on our list.
  3. We will start contacting the stores and we will sign up 10 stores to advertise on the back of your card.
  4. Let us know the name of your group so that we can customize your cards with your group's name.
  5. You can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 to order your cards or you can order your cards directly online.

How do you place your order for City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards?

City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards are direct sale fundraising items. That means you purchase your cards in advance of your sale and have them in your possession when you are selling them. You can place your order by calling our staff toll free (866) 874-8383 or you can order fundraising City Savings Fundraising Discount cards online by clicking on the RED BUTTON at the top of this page.


When will you get your City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards?

City Savings Fundraising Discount Cards take a little longer than most discount cards because they are completely customized for your group.

Within 2 business days of receiving your order we will send you a list of 300 potential local stores for you to choose from. You can choose up to 75 of those and we will get to work signing up 10 of those. Once you have agreed on the final 10 merchants we will begin the printing process.

We will try to ship your cards approximately 2 weeks after we have finalized all of your merchant details.