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Why Custom Fundraising Pizza Cards?

This is a great way to make a pizza fundraiser that is perfect for your group and your community. These custom fundraising pizza cards are designed specifically for your group. We negotiate the best possible Custom Pizza coupon free pizza offer for your group with the store of your choice.

We have produced custom cards for Pizza Hut locations, Mario's, Godfather's Pizza and most other national chains in addition to many locally owned pizza establishments. The store name and logo, when applicable, will be printed on the cards when possible.

Your group's name is prominently displayed on the front of the card along with the participating store's address. The offer can vary from store to store, but typically most pizza stores include provide a free medium one topping pizza when the card holder purchases a large one topping pizza at regular menu price.

The fundraising pizza cards offer great value to your supporters. Depending on the pizza establishment, a one topping medium pizza might sell for up to $12, giving the card a $240 Value!

Custom Fundraising Pizza Cards are direct sale fundraising items. That means you purchase the cards in advance and have them in your possession to hand to customers when they give you the money.

Shipping is free of charge. The cards will be sent to you via UPS Ground. Of course if you need the cards more quickly you can pay an additional fee for next day or second day shipping..

Up to 90% Profit!

90% ProfitThe great thing about Custom Fundraising Pizza Cards is the amounts of money your group can make selling cards that people get terrific value from! Just think about it. Your customer can get up to 20 FREE pizzas from a Little Caesar Pizza Fund Raiser, a Joe's Pizza & Pasta Fundraiser or any other pizza establishment of your choice. The cards are not associated with any particular pizza chain but instead designed to accommodate the pizza store of your choice. And your group can make up to $9.00 per card. Check out our price list below:

Cards Bought Your Cost Selling Price Profit % Profit $
100 min. $6.00 $10.00 40% $400
250 $4.00 $10.00 60% $1,500
500 $3.00 $10.00 70% $3,500
1000 $2.00 $10.00 80% $8,000
2500 $1.50 $10.00 85% $21,250
5000 $1.00 $10.00 90% $45,000

Customized for your group

Custom Fundraising Pizza Cards are customized for your group with your group name and the store logo when permitted for brand awareness. People will not only know they are getting a great value from the cards but they will also know they are supporting your group when they purchase the pizza cards from you. They won't need to search for online pizza coupons any more once they have your card in their wallets.

New Lower Minimums

The minimum order requirements in the past for all discount cards was around 500 cards. That meant smaller groups were not able to participate in this high profit fundraising card option. We recently lowered the minimum order all the way down to 100 cards. We still pay for shipping even at 100 cards. Of course the more cards you purchase the less expensive your cost per card.

Extremely Easy to Sell a Fundraising Card

Custom Pizza Cards Do you know people that eat pizza? How many of them look through the newspaper and advertisements to find a coupon special? Certainly most people you know enjoy pizza for lunch or dinner now and then. Everyone would definitely enjoy getting free pizzas. These cards give your customers the opportunity to get up to 20 free pizzas and are extremely easy to sell.

Free Shipping

Easy Fundraising Ideas wants your fundraiser to be as profitable as possible so we pay for shipping. Your cards will be shipped via UPS Ground within two business days of receiving your order and payment arrangements. If you need your cards more quickly we can upgrade the shipping to next day or second day at an extra charge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!