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How a Colorblaster Lollipop Fund Raiser Works

A Colorblaster is like a lollipop swirl. Flavors and colors are just thrown together so no two swirl lollipops are identical. And it is a simple fundraiser. Here are the easy steps involved with getting your lollipop fundraiser program started.

Step 1Determine How Much Candy You Will Need.

Once you have determined that you want to sell Colorblaster Lollipops for your fundraiser it is time to decide how many lollipops you will need. Remember you are buying lollipops by the case. Each case of Colorblasters comes with 8 packages containing 72 lollipops in each. Typical fundraising groups purchase between 2 and 4 packages of lollipops per participant.

Step 2Determine When You want it Delivered.

After deciding how many lollipops you want to purchase, determine when you will want the lollipops delivered and when your fundraiser will start.

Step 3Order your Colorblaster Lollipop Swirl Fundraiser

We have tried to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. There are two options to order Colorblaster Lollipops:

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BUY ONLINE! - Buy Colorblaster Lollipops directly online through our secure online store. Acceptable online payments are MasterCard, Visa, or School Purchase Order. If you have security questions about purchasing online please see our Security Guidelines.

  Buy Online!
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CALL IN ORDER! - If you prefer to not buy online you can call our fundraising specialists toll free at 1-866-874-8383 and they will be happy to take your order over the phone. Acceptable payments over the phone include Mastercard, Visa, School Purchase Order, Check or Money Order.

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