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If you want to sell a product most everyone can use, consider a magazine fundraiser. Most people you know would be willing to purchase a fund raising magazine if they know if will help you or your organization. You'll offer the top magazines at terrific savings. There's no upfront cost and you can make 60% profit.

What our customers are saying:

Review Posted by: Bill Heller - (November 09 2012)

Thanks for getting our materials to us so quickly. Hoping lots of people buy magazines from us for Christmas gifts. You guys are on top of things and we hope to send you some big orders.

Things to know:

Did you know that virtually ever home and business in America subscribes to at least one magazine? Take advantage of that and hold a magazine fundraiser today.

We offer two great magazine fundraisers:

Our new magazine discount cards are the highest profit magazine fundraiser anywhere. You can make up to 80% profit selling $10 gift cards to The cardholder can choose from the top selling magazines in the country and save up to 90% off titles like Time, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

We also have a magazine subscription brochure if you don't have the money to purchase magazine fundraiser discount cards. You presell subscriptions using our free brochures and order forms. At the end of your sale you place your order for the magazines you've sold and can use the money you collected to pay for your order.

Easy Fundraising Ideas is expanding our magazine fundraisers to make sure your group can raise money selling one of the easiest to sell products anywhere.

We now offer the highest profit magazine fundraiser anywhere! Check out our magazine fundraiser discount cards below. You're group makes 80% profit selling $10 gift cards that can be redeemed for the best selling magazines at up to 90% off the cover price.

Don't have any money to spend upfront? No problem. Pre sell magazines using our FREE brochures and order forms and order only what you've sold at the end of your sale using the money you collected!

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Magazine fundraising has been around almost as long as the modern fundraising itself. Magazines seem like such an obvious choice. After all, how many homes or offices can you think of that don't have a single magazine subscription? Even in this increasingly digital age, there are new magazines coming out all the time, because people just can't seem to get enough. This is great news for you if you're thinking about...

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