Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser
  • High Fragrance Wax Bars
  • Safer than Candles
  • Make 50% Profit with No Risk
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Magic Melts Wickless Candle Fundraiser

The newest addition to our candle fundraisers. Magic Melts are highly scented wickless wax bars that you melt in candle warmers. There’s no cost to start this fundraiser. Make 50% profit. You can even qualify for free shipping.

Product Review
ong>Review Posted by: Dora High School - (2016-10-20)

"everything arrived a-ok...many thanks for another great fundraiser....we will do this again in the Spring.... Angela"

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What You Should Know

Magic Melt wickless candle fundraising is different than some other fundraising programs. Easy Fundraising Ideas gives you 50% profit on each and every scented wax bar you sell. The only additional charge you might incur would be a $65 shipping fee if your group sells less than 150 Magic Melts.

Each melt sells for only $5 each.

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Profit and Cost
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Free brochures for your participants
  • Free Shipping
  • Start in under a minute
Items Bought% ProfitFree Shipping
150 plus50%YES
1 to 14950%No

What is a Magic Melt Fundraiser?

I am sure you've heard of some of the top brands of scented wax bars. They revolutionized the wickless candle industry and made scented wax bars as popular as candles themselves. Now you can capitalize on that popularity.

We'd like to introduce you to Magic Melts. It's the best way to take advantage of the popularity of wickless candles. You will be selling 2 ounces - 6 large bars - of each fragrance for only $5 each. There are 10 wonderful scents to choose from. In addition we've added a full size warmer and a smaller plug in warmer for customers that do not already own a candle warmer.

You make 50% profit on each item you sell. There's no cost to get started. We will send you a free Magic Melt brochure and order form for every member of your group along with a cash collection envelope. You presell the fragrance bars and warmers and collect the money when you take orders. At the end of your sale you tally everything together and place your bulk order.

Magic Melts fragrance bars are manufactured here in the United States.


Magic Melt Fundraisers offers the following benefits:

NO money upfront - we send all the sales materials you need to hold your Magic Melt fragrance bar fundraiser. First order your FREE pre-sell brochures for each participant, take orders, then call in or fax your final order for the Magic Melts your group has sold.
FREE Brochures - and all the materials you need to pre-sell Magic Melts. You show people the order form, ask if they will buy their favorite scents and collect your money.
FREE SHIPPING - You can qualify for free shipping by selling 150 or more items. If you sell less than 150 fragrance bars we add a small $65 freight charge.
FASTEST TURNAROUND TIME - We do our best to ship your order within one week of receiving your order so your customers can get their candles quickly.

How Magic Melt Wickless Candle Fundraisers Work:

  1. Order free brochures for each member of your group.
  2. Have members of your group sell to friends and family and collect payment.
  3. At the end of your sale gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.
  4. Place your bulk order with us by phone or online.
  5. We ship the Magic Melts to you, which you then distribute to your participants.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)

How much do you pay to start a Magic Melt Fundraiser?

There is no money upfront for this fundraiser. That's one of the things that make candle fundraisers so popular. The money is due once you have completed selling the wickless candles with the pre-sell brochures. What your participants sell will actually determine what you will pay for your Magic Melt order and you can use the money you collect while pre selling to pay for your bulk order.

How do you place your Magic Melt Candle order?

When you sale is complete gather together all of the order forms and money from each group member. Tally all of the order forms together. Some people find it helpful to use a spreadsheet like Excel.

When you have your totals you can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 with your order or enter it online in your fundraising dashboard.

Once we receive your order we will enter it in our system and send you an invoice. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by calling with a Visa or Master Card or you can mail us a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. We do accept purchase orders from public schools and will release orders upon receipt of a valid purchase order.


When will you get your Magic Melt wickless fundraising candles?

Depending on the time of year, most orders are shipped within 2 weeks of receiving your order and payment arrangements. The candles ship from the manufacturer who is located in Georgia. That means transit time is usually around 3 or 4 days after the merchandise is shipped.