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Create your very own custom online fundraising mall

Creating a custom mall with Visit Our Mall is a great way to supplement your fundraising needs. We suggest all fundraising groups set up a mall while pursuing their regular fundraising activities. Here's how it works:

Visit Our Mall will build a custom mall for your group at no charge. Your mall will include hundreds of nationally known stores and retailers for your group and its friends and family to shop in. Shoppers will be taken directly to the stores of their choice through your mall and you will receive a percentage of all purchases or even a fee for using certain merchants.

Your mall will also contain great sales and deals for your supporters so they will want to visit your mall over and over. In fact many of the deals found in your mall are available only online. The deals are updated daily so there is always something new to find.

Although we suggest you use Visit Our Mall as a supplementary fundraiser your group can make an enormous amount of money. There will be well known stores in categories so diverse everyone you know will be able to purchase virtually anything through your mall.

The great thing about Visit Our Mall is that shoppers are actually shopping directly at the site owned by the store of their choice so they know their experience is safe and secure.

Hundreds of Nationally Known Retailers

When you sign up to get started with Visit Our Mall your mall will immediately be populated with hundreds of well known stores. Everyone will recognize stores like Target, Staples, Petsmart and so many others. But the Visit Our Mall folks have made sure to include great options many shoppers might not have considered.

The Best Deals on the Internet

Lots of online retailers attract shoppers by offering online only deals. Your mall will include some of the best deals available. During different times of the year many retailers offer online only coupon codes that you and your shoppers will find to take advantage of those special deals.

Absolutely NO COST

The great thing about having a mall built for your group is that it costs absolutely nothing. Simply sign up. In minutes you will receive an email giving you the URL for your new mall. You are ready to start shopping right then and making money for your group. Owning a mall is the best online fundraising available anywhere.

Free Marketing Tools

To make sure you make the most profit from your mall, Visit Our Mall provides marketing tools free of charge. You can get free hand outs with your group name and the web address of your mall. We will provide you a free banner ad that links people to your online mall automatically. And we have a special Invite People to Your Mall program where you enter people?s names and email addresses and they are sent invitations to your mall. Periodically during the year we will send them emails that highlight the best deals in your mall at that time period.

Ready to Get Started?

Click on the following button. It will take you to the Visit Our Mall sign up sheet. Fill in the form and you are ready to go. Click here to see a sample mall.