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Up to 50% Profit with Papas Pizza

55% ProfitPapas Pizza gives you the opportunity to make up to 50% profit. Take a look at the profit chart. The great news is that you can combine Papas Pizza with either Blue Wick Candles or Papas Gourmet Cookie Dough in one sale. We will combine the total units sold in all programs to determine the profit level you will earn.

Units Bought Unit Cost Selling Price Profit % Profit $
120 min. $10.50
$14 25% $420
200 $9.80
$14 30% $840
336 $8.40
$14 40% $1,882
664 $7.70
$14 45% $4,183
1664 $7.00
$14 50% $23,352

Why Papa's Pizza Fundraising Catalog?

Papa's Pizza fundraising makes a lot of sense for groups wanting a stand alone fundraiser or to combine something with cookie dough or candle sales.

These gourmet pizzas are available in a variety of flavors. With crispy crusts and tasty toppings, your family will enjoy eating any of our pizzas for a quick and easy meal.

Each tub holds 5 - 5-1/4" mini deep dish pizzas. The pizza cooks in the microwave or conventional oven. They are made with 100% real mozzarella cheese. Your customers can choose from Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage or Supreme. The pizza tubs are packaged 6 tubs per case. Although we can ship broken case quantities per flavor your total order needs to be for an even number of full cases.

We suggest you pre-sell the pizza for your fundraiser using a fund raising catalog. Your group will sell the pizza using free order forms we will provide. You collect your money as you pre-sell and use that money to pay when you place your bulk order.

Everyone loves Papas Pizza

So many people love to eat pizza. Take advantage by selling these personal sized pizza's for a fundraiser. We provide a fundraising catalog that shows each of the four pizza favorites. There is something for everyone.

Ready to cook and eat

Papas pizzas are designed for easy preparation. You get five personal sized pizza stored in a convenient tub. Just take out the number of personal pizzas you want to cook, place them in a pre heated oven and you are ready to go.

No Upfront Cash Required

There is nothing to buy in advance with Papas Pizza. We send free fundraising catalogs that you will use to pre sell your pizza. You collect your money as you sell. At the end of the pizza fundraiser, you tally your orders and money and place a bulk pizza order, using the money you collected to pay for your order.

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