Recycling Fundraiser Ideas

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Recycling Fundraisers - 4 Great Fundraising Recycling Programs

Easy Fundraising Ideas does not directly offer recycling fundraising. We do offer a great earth friendly fundraiser though call Go Green Fundraising. We do have others who visit our website looking for ways to make money by recycling cells phones, print cartridges and toner cartridges instead of throwing them into local land fills.

It is our intention to offer our guests pertinent information on all fundraising programs. To accomplish that goal, we have located companies that we can recommend as recycling fundraising experts. Recycling fundraisers have definitely grown as people try to combine the desire to save the environment with fundraising opportunities.

Whether you are looking for aluminum and plastic recycling fundraiser, cell phone recycling fundraisers or recycling print cartridges, we believe the websites you will find below can help you set up and implement a great recycling fundraising program.



Funding Factory

Get paid for collecting used printer cartridges and cell phones! FundingFactory offers a comprehensive program for educational and nonprofit organizations looking to earn extra funding by doing something great for the environment. More than 500 million cartridges and 30 million cell phones are thrown away each year. Save them from the landfill by sending them to FundingFactory! All the materials you need to participate in this fundraiser are provided completely free of charge: prepaid shipping labels; shipping boxes; promotional flyers, posters and letter templates; and a complete online account system. It's so easy to earn funding by recycling. Learn more and get started today!

Wireless Fundraiser

Wireless Fundraiser

Looking for a unique way to raise funds and benefit your community? Consider our no cost Wireless Fundraiser, collect used cell phones and log on to our exclusive easy-to-use online management tool TotalTrak for all your shipping, tracking and revenue reporting needs. This cell phone recycling fundraiser pays you a minimum of $0.50 to over $150 per phone and helps your supporters feel a greater sense of accomplishment by avoiding e-waste in landfills. Wireless Fundraiser is partnered with the 911 Cell Phone Bank and turns retired cell phones into emergency 911 Cell Phones to benefit senior citizens and victims of abuse nationwide. 

Qualified organizations can get their own home page on Wireless Fundraiser. Using this online tool anyone, anywhere can donate phones to your organization electronically, and best of all Wireless Fundraiser continues to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information please contact Wireless Fundraiser Customer Service at 1-800-364-0258 or go to to get started now.

Recycle Rewards

Recycle Rewards

Participating schools, organizations and businesses earn cash for collecting used inkjet printer cartridges, laser printer cartridges and cell phones from students, parents and businesses. It?s simple ? CASH FOR TRASH! Most schools close for the summer, but most businesses do not! Collections can take place throughout the year. The recycle rewards program makes sense for anyone who uses inkjet, laser printers or cell phones. Sign up today at!

Global Re-source Funding

Recycle Rewards

In one easy program, your organization can become involved in helping our environment, saving natural resources and earning money to support its activities. Global Re-Source Funding offers a cell phone, inkjet and toner cartridge recycling program for every organization that requires no out of pocket expenses and can help your organization earn money year round?with 100% profits! We provide all shipping materials and several different marketing materials to help make sure you run a successful fundraiser. We even sponsor promotions in which participants and groups can earn prizes in addition to the money paid out for their cell phones and cartridges. Now that?s turning trash into cash!

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