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Smencils scented pencils made from recycled newspapers are perfect for schools. Each scented pencil sells for $1 and are shipped in cases containing 10 buckets with 50 Smencils in each. Smencils are available in two varieties. Regular Black Lead as well as assorted fun colors. Best of all shipping is FREE!

What our customers say:

Review Posted by: Yolanda Gallego - (2012-02-21)

Dear Lisa, We received our order Friday afternoon - I was so surprised!!! The kids were very excited


Profit and Cost

Profits on Smencils are extremely easy to calculate since you are buying them by the case. You will make 45% profit on every sale which means you will make $225 profit for each case you sell. The retail price for Smencils is $1.00 so you make $.45 profit on every Smencil sold.
Cases Bought Cost Per Case Profit %
1 min $275.00 45%

Why Smencils Fundraiser Pencils?

Many people are looking for Unique Fundraising Ideas. They want items that are environmentally sensitive. They want items that are low on fat. They want items that are affordable. And they want items they can sell any time of the year. Smencils fundraisers are the answer to all of those needs.

Smencil fundraising is consider a direct sale. That means that you purchase cases of Smencils and give the product to members of your group to sell. Members have the product to hand directly to customers at the time of the sale unlike brochure fundraising where orders are taken and product delivered later.

Each Smencil sells for only $1 each. You purchase Smencils in cases. Each case contains 500 Smencils packaged in 10 buckets each containing 50 Smencils.

Shipping is FREE and there is only a 1 case minimum.

You purchase Smencils by the case. Each case contains 10 buckets per case with 50 pencils in each bucket. You get the following assortment whether you choose black lead or colored Smencils:

* 5 Bubble Gum

* 5 Jelly Donut

* 5 Cotton Candy

* 5 Lemon Lime Fizz

* 5 Rootbeer

* 5 Strawberry Cupcake

* 5 Watermelon

* 5 Grape Soda

* 5 Gum-E Bear

* 5 Orange Lolli-Pop


Smencils are great for fundraising for so many reasons:

Made from recycled newspaper - Smencils are made by tightly wrapping Recycled Newspaper around #2 graphite writing cores. The rolled pencils are then hardened - allowing them to be sharpened just like wood pencils. The pencils are soaked with gourmet liquid scents. Each Smencil is then put into its own Freshness Tube.
One case minimum - Smencils work well for any sized group. You can buy as little as one case at a time. Each case comes with 10 buckets of 50 pencils. With the one case minimum there is no need to purchase more than you are comfortable you will be able to quickly sell.
FREE SHIPPING - Easy Fundraising Ideas will pay all shipping costs when you purchase fundraising Smencils. That means you will really earn 45% profit on every pencil sold.

How Smencils Fundraisers Work:

  1. Determine how many Smencils you think your group can sell
  2. There are 10 buckets per case and most groups require people sell 1 or 2 buckets
  3. Call us with your order or buy your Smencils in our secure shopping area
  4. We ship your Smencils, which you then distribute to your participants
  5. You keep all the money collected. Once you have sold all of your Smencils you will have doubled the money spent to buy the product.
  6. If your Smencils have sold very quickly reorder one or more cases and keep your fundraiser going.

What Do I Get in a Case of Fundraising Smencils?

Original Smencils (black lead) - 10 buckets per case, 50 per bucket
50% Profit

* 5 Bubble Gum

* 5 Jelly Donut

* 5 Cotton Candy

* 5 Lemon Lime Fizz

* 5 Rootbeer

* 5 Strawberry Cupcake

* 5 Watermelon

* 5 Grape Soda

* 5 Gum-E Bear

* 5 Orange Lolli-Pop


How do you order Smencils?

Smencils are direct sale items. That means you must purchase Smencils and then sell them. You can buy one or more cases. The number of cases you buy should be determined by the number of people selling. We suggest starting with 2 buckets of 50 Smencils for each seller.

You can call us toll free (866) 874-8383 to place your order on the telephone. You can also buy Smencils directly online through our secure shopping area.

Payment will need to be made when you order Smencils. We do accept purchase orders from public schools. If your school issues purchase orders we can ship your order and give you 30 days to pay for your Smencils.


When will you get your Smencils?

We try to ship all Smencil orders within one week of receiving your order. We pay all shipping charges. We use either Federal Express or UPS and transit time anywhere in the Continental United States is typically 2 weeks or less.

Written by Howard Gottlieb
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