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We have collected the most frequently asked questions for Sports Lollipop Fundraising. If you do not find the answer to your questions below please use the contact form to submit your question and we will respond promptly. Or, if you would rather, call us Toll Free at 1-866-874-8383.


Can I return unsold lollipops?

We are unfortunately not able to accept any returns on any food product. That policy is in place for many reasons but none more important than your safety. Simply put we do not want to send anyone a food product that has left our control. Even if the case is taped closed we still do not know that the lollipops have not been tampered with. Remember, you can buy one case at a time so there is no need to purchase more than you are comfortable with.


Do I need to pay for my lollipops upfront?

We have a few payment options available to all groups. If you are a public school we accept public school purchase orders and will give you 30-day payment terms. For all other groups payment arrangements need to be made before your specialty lollipops can be shipped. You can pay with a credit card. We can mail you an invoice and hold your order until we receive your check or money order. We also accept credit card guarantees. Call us today and we will be happy to explain that program to you.


Can I change the lollipops in the variety pack?

If you would like just one particular flavor of lollipops we can ship entire cases of that flavor alone. The lead time, though, will increase slightly. Instead of shipping your order the next business day we need 7 days to pack your custom request.


Can I get more than one type of lollipop in a case?

Lollipops are packaged in cases by lollipop type. You can buy full cases of any of the different lollipop options but we are unable to break cases and have different styles in one case. For example we can not ship half a case of Lolliday lollipops and half a case of Lickin Lips. You would need to buy full cases of either.

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