Fundraising takes time and effort. When you decide to have a hockey fundraiser for your team you want it to be a successful event. With all the time and effort that you put into the fundraiser, you don't want it to fail.

Here are six hockey fundraising mistakes to be aware of and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Not planning - Without a clearly written out plan of how you are going to conduct the fundraiser there is a good chance that your fundraiser will not generate the money needed to make it a success. Form a committee and write out a step by step plan that will keep you moving towards your goals and keep everyone on track.

Mistake #2: Not setting a goal - Not having a goal is like having a ship without a rudder. The ship in the water will go where ever the wind blows it. Your goal will guide you toward the amount you want to raise for your team. Write out your hockey fundraising goal and then figure out how much product you must sell to reach that goal.

Mistake #3: Wrong type of fundraiser - Some organizations get involved in too many different types of fundraisers. If you are trying to do different types of fundraisers at the same time, it will scatter your efforts. Choose which type of fundraiser you think is best for your team and stick with it.

Mistake #4: Not making enough money - Even with the best planning and motivated volunteers, your fundraising efforts may come up short. In the event that this happens you should have a back up plan to help make up the difference. You may need to try a different type of product or service for your fundraiser, or you may have to evaluate what went wrong and start over.

Mistake #5: Not thanking everyone involved - It's important to give recognition to everyone involved with the hockey fundraiser. It's easy for feelings to get hurt when people are volunteering and they think they are not appreciated. It's easy to praise and reward everyone involved. Mistake

#6: Failing to have a deadline - A clear deadline will keep everyone moving and working to accomplish your fundraising goal. Setting a deadline fosters a sense of urgency. A deadline is a powerful tool that helps people make decisions and motivates people to take action.