Watching parents in the military come and go can be tough on kids. While they are certainly proud of mom or dad, and what they are doing for their country, they still miss them and wish they could be home. A great way to help kids through such a rough transition is to get them involved in their own military fundraising project.

Instead of just sending mom or dad a letter, give your kids the option of sending an entire care package filled with all kinds of great items from home to help your soldier feel loved while overseas. Of course, sending care packages can get expensive, so help your little ones raise their own money. Since it is a kid-friendly project, try doing a fundraiser with a kid-friendly product like cookie dough.

Dry cookie dough is the perfect product for a military fundraiser. The product itself is wonderful because it does not have to be refrigerated, so there is no panic to try and find freezer space while you try to pass it out. It can also be added to the care packages without spoiling. The fundraising process is very simple ? which is a bonus when working with kids.

First, just contact a fundraising consultant and have them send a brochure for every child that is participating. When the materials arrive, go over the basics with your kids ? when everything needs to be turned in, how much it will cost, and general safety tips for selling. Next, go around to friends, family and trusted neighbors who might be willing to help. Explain what the fundraiser is for, and ask if they would like to purchase some cookie dough. You are pre-selling them items from the brochure, so you will collect the money as you sell it. Once the fundraiser is over you tally all the orders, and send a portion of the collected money back to your fundraising consultant. After it is paid for, the order will be shipped out, and you pass it out to all of your customers.

So the next time the kids are missing mom or dad, ask them if they want to do a special military fundraiser and send some care packages. Getting them involved will help them feel important; like they are doing something for their country ? just like mom or dad.