When your troop starts look for a new fundraiser to try, tell them all about the best new program available: money savings cards.

Money savings cards are sold just like pizza cards. Your group purchases the cards upfront and sells each one for $10, keeping the profits. Unlike the pizza cards, there is no work to do prior to ordering the cards. Simply contact a fundraising consultant and get your boy scout fundraiser started right away.

With a money savings card your customer will have access to go online and receive discounts and coupons from their favorite online shopping sources. The back of each card features a username and password that your customer enters in a specific website. Once they are logged in to the website they will begin reaping the benefits of the savings.

There are several reasons why this particular boy scout fundraiser will benefit your group. First, the card never expires. If you have ever sold food items, you understand that it must be sold quickly and distributed even sooner. And pizza cards, although they are not a direct food item, also have an expiration. Money savings cards, however, do not ever expire your group can set them aside and sell them at a later date. Another great reason to sell these cards is that there is no location limit. With most fundraising products, you are limited to sell in your area. Money savings cards can be sold anywhere in the United States.

When your group is looking for the best boy scout fundraiser to do for next year, make sure you mention money savings cards.