Marching band is one of those things that has been around forever. And for as long as it has been there, so has the annual marching band fundraiser.

These two things really go hand in hand, and that's why it makes perfect sense to many longstanding marching bands to do a more classic, traditional marching band fundraiser that is tried and tested, and proven to work. I'm sure you can remember back to the favorite fundraisers you were involved with when you were a student, and of course one of the all-time most popular fundraising ideas was chocolate bar fundraisers.

There are so many reasons why chocolate bars still make just about the best marching band fundraiser. For one thing, chocolate never becomes unpopular or goes out of style. And who do you know who doesn't like chocolate? There's a double sales boost that comes if the students can get permission to sell the chocolate on school grounds, perhaps during lunch periods or after school. This is product that truly sells itself, and the best thing is the price.

Remember how much the fundraiser chocolate bars were when you were a kid? A dollar, right? Well, you may not believe it, but the dollar chocolate bars are still around, and now they're a better deal than ever before.

The idea for chocolate as a marching band fundraiser practically sells itself. If you want, you can get started right away with your chocolate marching band fundraiser. It's a direct sale fundraising idea, so you'll buy the products upfront at cost, and then keep all the money you make. Just give us a call, and we can get your order sorted out as soon as possible. Once you receive your chocolate, it's go go go, and you con concentrate on keeping the students motivated about their marching band fundraiser.