Whether you are a seasoned veteran of softball fundraising, or this is your first time trying to raise money for your team, one thing is certain - you will need some great fundraising ideas for softball to help get you started.

Most times when people do not have the success they hoped for with fundraising, it is not because of lack of enthusiasm or a poor effort on the part of the fundraising team - it is because they have chosen a softball fundraiser that does not match well with the size of their group, their financial goals, or their supporters.

Choosing good fundraising ideas for softball is an art and a science, but we have already done all the hard work for you.

Candy fundraisers are one of the most popular fundraising ideas for softball, and when you take it apart and look at it in detail, it's easy to see why that is. Softball games are prime snacking time, and who doesn't love a chocolate bar as a snack? If you have a couple of volunteers ready to walk through the stands with some boxes of $1 chocolate bars, you'll find that these products move just about as fast as people can get their wallets out.

Snacks are great fundraising ideas for softball, and with a price so low, it's within everyone's budget.

Scratch card fundraisers are another great way to bring money in for the team, while keeping relative costs low. The profit margin on softball scratch cards can be as high as 90%, and there are no shipping charges, no product distribution - just money coming in for the team. And scratch cards are so easy to do - players and their families can carry them around, ready for any fundraising opportunity.

Fundraising ideas for softball that maximize profits and have a simple concept are always going to work really well.