Chances are good that if you are reading this, you are on the planning committee, or the student council, or some type of group that is in charge of coming up with ideas for your high school prom. Chances are even better that you are also in charge of finding prom fundraisers to help fund those ideas. Prom can get costly. Everyone assumes that it is the dress, the hair, the makeup and the limo that cost the most ? but the expenses start WAY before the day of prom.

The Money Savings Card is the newest and best prom fundraising program to date. It works much like a pizza card, but with less effort on your part. Through this program, you purchase the Money Savings Cards up front and sell them to people in your area. With the card, they are paying $10 to be a part of an exclusive club of online savings. On the back of each card is a code they can type in to set up a membership that will allow them to receive unbelievable discounts at hundreds of popular online shopping websites.

In layman's terms ? Your group buys cards upfront to sell to your friends, family and community. Your customers pay $10 for a card that allows them to receive major discounts. They pay $10 for the card, and receive lots of money in savings while they are shopping online. You pay $5 or less for the cards (depending on how many you purchase) and keep the profits. Your group will make tons of money that can be used toward prom decorations, photographers, a DJ, food, invitations ? the list is endless. And so are the possibilities with this prom fundraiser.