Churches, just like every other kind of organization, are feeling the economic crunch. This carries right on down through the youth group, who sometimes end up having to make more cuts and sacrifices than anyone else.

So when it comes time to organize a fundraiser for youth groups in order to keep things running smoothly, the temptation can be to take things too seriously. But honestly, the best way to run a fundraiser, any fundraiser, is to keep the atmosphere light and the emphasis on fun.

A youth group fundraiser is more fun than most, simply because of the inclusion of the kids. These energetic fundraising team members will pretty much be able to sell anything they put their minds to, so make sure they have a product that they will enjoy selling.

Have a meeting with the youth group and discuss ideas, getting feedback from the group as to which ideas they like more than the others. You might be surprised at how creative they get with their suggestions for their fundraiser. If you have a smaller fundraising team that needs to maximize profits at every turn, then you'll want to find a fundraiser that emphasizes profits. Card-based fundraisers are just about the highest profit fundraisers around, and to top it off, they're tremendously easy to do, and a lot of fun as well. Cards can be carried around anywhere, so a fundraising opportunity will never be missed, and your supporters will really enjoy the concept.

Also, with a card fundraiser for youth groups, there are no delivery issues or distribution problems to contend with - everything you will need to do is done right there at the point of sale. It couldn't be simpler, and with profits of up to 90%, it's hard to find a better fundraiser for youth groups than that.