To keep your humane society fund from going to the dogs, consider selling the newest fundraising product ? money savings cards! This new fundraiser is a brand new way for your group to raise money for the humane society.

The money savings card fundraiser works similarly to the pizza cards. To raise money for your humane society fund raisers, you sell cards for $10 each. The card itself will allow your customers to be involved in a savings club. Each card has a username and password that they can use to sign up for various discounts and coupons to their favorite online shopping websites.

The money savings card fundraiser fixes the problems that most groups have with other fundraising programs. With the money savings cards, your group does not have to worry about refrigeration or following up with customers when a product is delivered. The card is sold directly, and the money is collected at the time of sale.

Another benefit to using the money savings card as your next humane society fund raiser is that the cards are not based on location. Unlike pizza cards, money savings cards can be sold to anyone in the United States. There is also no expiration date to worry about!

You group will have no problem selling these cards. At $10, the money savings card is a steal! Customers will be able to pay themselves back for their purchase with the savings they receive online. The next time you are getting low on funds, or your group is just looking for a brand new idea use the money savings card fundraiser!