When it come to thinking about how your church's youth group will spend those long hot days of summer parents and leaders often consider summer church camp as an option. Well here's a guide to help you choose the best summer camp for your kids.

Are All Camps Created Equal?

When it comes to summer camps there are generally four basic types of camping experiences to choose from. There are day camp programs, sleep-away or residential camps, day camp with side trips, and special needs camps.

Among these four basic types there is also a seemingly endless range of variations. Everything from camps for girls or boys only, camps segmented by age group, and camps focused on specific hobbies or areas of interest.

You can find summer camps that focus on specialties like adventure, art, computers, dancing, music, religion, horseback riding, sports, theatre, and more. Quite possibly, if your kids have a specific area of interest there is more than likely a camp that specializes in it.

Sound a little exotic or too narrowly targeted for your group? Well don't worry because there are also a wonderful variety of general interest summer church camps to choose from as well.