If this is your first time organizing school band fundraisers, you may find it quite a challenging experience. There's more to school fundraisers than just going out there and selling things, and band fundraisers can often get complicated, especially if you are trying to organize a large group of students. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you get organized early, and you'll want to begin by setting a solid foundation of organization. Once you get everything planned out, the actual running of school band fundraisers will be fairly simple.

Step one for organizing school band fundraising is make sure you know what your goals are. That sounds so simple, but do you know exactly, down to the dollar, how much money the school band needs, and for what? Start writing numbers on paper, get some concrete amounts down so that you know exactly what your fundraising idea needs to accomplish. Once you have a dollar amount, you can figure out how much each person needs to be responsible for, depending on how big your fundraising team is.

The next thing on the list is to browse through some school band fundraisers that will help your band reach its goals. As you look through our school band fundraisers pages, keep in mind the size of the band, and things like whether or not you are able to make an upfront investment. Some bands may be able to do catalogue school band fundraisers like cookie dough or our Go Green fundraiser, while other bands may be better suited to something like scratch card fundraisers or fundraising candy.

Whatever you choose for your school band fundraisers, the important thing is that you know what your goals are and have a well-organized plan to get there. The school band fundraisers that are the most successful are the ones where the hard work is done in advance and then the fundraiser runs on its own momentum.