There's no getting around it, high school sports are expensive, and usually this means that they require fundraising. Even the most lightweight sports still have the considerations of equipment and uniforms, not to mention any traveling expenses and entrance fees involved with competing. And the bigger the team, the bigger the expenses, so high school sports fundraising is pretty much a given with school budget cuts being what they are these days. So if you're in charge of your high school sports fundraiser, where do you start? How do you make the most of this high school sports fundraising opportunity?

The first step is to be clear about your goal for high school sports fundraising. Ballpark figures are not enough; be specific about what you need money for, and how much of that total you expect each student to be responsible for. Having concrete targets is essential for successful high school sports fundraising - as the saying goes, "if you aim for nothing, you will certainly hit it." If everyone involved understands exactly what your high school sports fundraising targets are, you are much more likely to hit those targets.

Next, of course, is choosing a high school sports fundraising idea that will help propel you toward your goal. We have a very wide range of high school sports fundraising ideas to choose from, so you are certain to find something that will suit your group and intended customers. Whether you are looking for a direct sale item or a catalogue fundraiser, the lowest minimums or the highest profits, we have high school sports fundraising ideas that can benefit any size group and any type of customer.

Lastly, relax. High school sports fundraising is important, but it's also fun! The kids will get excited because they know their high school sports fundraising efforts will benefit them directly, so you should feel free to get excited, too. Fundraisers are a great way to promote group unity, and the profits you make from your high school sports fundraising will help you group excel through another year.