The Internet is a great way to show information about your organization and if you are going to have an elementary school PTO website, there are a number of things that you should include.

First and foremost it should include some information about the school that the PTO is associated with. Of course you should clearly advertise all of your PTO Fundraisers on the website. The odds are that anyone visiting our website will be interested in PTO activities. So advertising PTO Fundraising programs there is essential.

Of course there?s lots of other basic information that should be included.

In some cases where the district is very small and there is one PTO for every school, then make sure that every school is represented. It is a great idea to have a picture of the school. If this is done then you can set the site up for when someone clicks on the picture of the school, it takes them directly to the school website. Have some of the pertinent information about the school next to the picture. This can include, but by no means is limited to, the name of the school, address of the school and the principal for the school.

Another thing to include on the PTO website is the PTO board. This should include all positions such as the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Program Coordinator to name a few. A good thing to have next to each of the positions is a way to contact that individual. It doesn?t necessarily have to be a phone number, but at least an email address would be very helpful. In this section of the website put a place where others can see how to be a part of the PTO, how to run for one of the positions and what the membership fee is if there is one. Display when the next elections will be so that those who are interested can be prepared.

In another section of the website have the minutes for the meetings. Yes, this might be a little bit of work to keep up to date, but having this displayed will let others know exactly how the meetings went, what was voted on and what is to come in the future for the PTO.

Of course you know that one of the major tasks of the PTO is to organize the fundraisers in order to raise money for the school. Having this displayed is very helpful. This way parents can see what is coming up. Have what fundraiser the school is going to be doing, the dates that that fundraiser will be held and most importantly, have displayed what the money is going towards. This is a good idea for all money raised by the PTO, whether it is from the fundraisers, membership fees or simply donations made to the PTO. The parents want to know where the money is going and how their kids will benefit.

Although anything you desire can be displayed, hopefully what was just mentioned will be very helpful in designing your elementary school PTO website. When it comes to the parents and kids you can really never be too informative.