Choirs come in all shapes and sizes, but they've all got one thing in common: they need money to operate. Choir fundraising is one of the fundamental aspects of being in a choir, because without choir fundraising, the money for things like uniforms and travel would simply not be there. Choir fundraising works well for all kinds of choirs, regardless of size, age, or organization.

Church choirs often rely on choir fundraising when the church budget cannot quite cover all the needs of the choir. At the very least you want your choir to be able to replace the choir robes when they get old and beyond repair, but you may also have some other expenses, such as rented rehearsal space if your church does not have one. Choir fundraising is an excellent way to supplement your choir's budget, and can really be helpful when it's time for buying sheet music or new uniforms.

Community choirs have a special situation in that they often perform to benefit local charities, but what happens when the choir itself needs funds? Choir fundraising is great for any choir, and community choirs can use fundraising efforts to help raise money for robes and/or costumes, performance venue fees, and travel costs. If your choir is a touring choir, these costs can mount very quickly, and choir fundraisers can be the key to keeping the choir afloat.

School choirs also require choir fundraising these days, as the costs of competing and performing are not small. Even local performances require uniforms and travel expenses, but many competitions are out of the city or even in another state (with any luck!). You don't want your children's choir to be left out of these events because the choir can't afford to go, and since schools are feeling the budget crunch, choir fundraising is probably the way to go.

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