It's easy to find people who talk about baseball like it's the most popular sport out there, but if you have a look around, you'll find that people who play evenings and weekends are really into softball.

Schools also have very well attended softball games, and kids and adults seem to agree that it's a great team sport to play.

So given that it's so popular, you might be frustrated if you're looking for good softball fundraising ideas and coming up dry. It can be difficult to find fundraisers specific to softball, but we can certainly help you out in that regard.

Softball fundraisers are not the same as baseball fundraisers - you want something that's really custom made for your sport.

Fundraising scratch cards are one of our most popular softball fundraising ideas, and it's one of the easiest to implement, too. The concept couldn't be simpler - all your players will have to do is get the supporters to scratch two of fifty dots off the card, and donate that amount to the team. You'd be surprised at how generous people will be, and many times they will round their donation up. Add that to profits of up to 90% on the cards themselves, and you've got yourself a nice little earner there.

Candy fundraising is always a big hit with softball teams, and the best part is you can sell it at games and make an absolute killing. Brand names like Hershey's make for great softball fundraising ideas, or if you were hoping to go for the most economical option, we have our ever popular dollar chocolate bars. While the team is playing, family members can walk through the stands, bringing snack to everyone and profits to the team. You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like snacking at a softball game, which makes chocolate bars among our best softball fundraising ideas.