Finding money for breast cancer fund raisingis both a worthy and frustrating cause. It is a never-ending process and the rewards are not immediate. On the other hand, people are willing to help because so many have seen the first-hand effects that breast cancer has had on their own loved ones.

Lots of groups do the walk-a-thons and the all-night cancer fundraising. These types of fundraisers are great, and certainly have their place in the fundraising world, but they are not always plausible for each group. A small group may not have the same opportunities at raising money, but have the same desire to help.

There are lots of alternatives to breast cancer fundraising. One of the best breast cancer fund raisers is the coffee fundraiser. The concept is very simple. Your fundraising consultant sends you a brochure for each member of your group, along with a money collection envelope. Your group members then go out and pre-sell coffee and tea products, and collect money at the time of the sale. At the end of the fundraiser you tally everything up and turn in the final totals to your fundraising consultant.

Your group makes a 40% profit on every item sold. Once the products are paid for, they are shipped to you so that your group can pass them out to your customers. This fundraiser is great for those who are unable to participate in the big walking marathons, or the 3-day walks. It can be done on a large or small scale, and by any age group.