Easy Fundraising Ideas is located in Texas. More specifically, the Dallas area?in other words?we understand football. More than that, we understand the importance of a successful football fundraiser. We get it. We are not shocked at the amount of money needed for equipment and travel fees ? and we are ready to help.

One of the most successful fundraisers that we have available is the pizza card fundraiser. With this program your team or group sells a card to anyone willing to buy them. The card offers that person 20 opportunities to get a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal with your local pizzeria. The process is easy, and the results are high.

The first step after deciding to sell pizza cards for your football fundraising campaign is to sign up a pizza place. You can check out the website to find out if there is already a pizza place in your area that we have worked with. If there is not, simply download the merchant agreement and take it to the manager or owner of the local pizzeria. Three different locations can fit on a card, as long as they are all in the same franchise. After the form is filled out just fax it to your fundraising consultant.

Placing an order is the trickiest part?and it?s pretty easy, too. The trick is in determining how many cards your team wants to purchase. Instead of throwing out a ballpark number, consider how many people will be selling, and how many cards each person should be expected to sell. We typically find groups allow for each team member to be responsible for selling at least 10-15 cards. The price of the card is determined by the amount that is purchased; so the more cards you buy, the less they cost.

The benefits to selling pizza cards are endless. First, it is easy ? everyone loves pizza; the cards practically sell themselves! Second, it is sold for $10, so there is no complicated math involved. Third, both your team and your local pizza place benefit from the football fundraiser. You make money from the cards, and the pizzeria generates more business. So when high fees and endless equipment costs start to get to you, consider selling pizza cards as a way to raise money for your favorite team!