So you have a new library in town?or maybe an old library?and you need to raise money. Try the newest library fundraiser ? Money Savings Cards.

How does this fundraiser work?

The Money Savings Card fundraiser is very simple. You purchase cards that your group will be selling for $10 each. You pay upfront for the cards, so once you start selling, all the money you make?you keep. No need to send anything back and wait for a check or product to be delivered.

What is a Money Savings Card?

When your customers buy a Money Savings Card they are essentially purchasing a membership into a savings club. On the back of each card is a code that allows them to login to a website. Once they have logged in, they can begin doing regular online shopping, but thanks to the code, will be aware of all of the extra discounts and savings available.

What is so special about this fundraiser?

This fundraiser offers things that no other fundraiser has been able to before. First of all, the card never expires ? your customers will ALWAYS be able to get these savings. Second, the profits are among the highest of any library fundraiser available. Third, you can sell these cards anywhere. Anyone who has access to online shopping is a candidate for purchasing a Money Savings Card. Many fundraisers are limited to specific area, either as a program, or because it is a food item and must stay frozen. This card solves all the previous problems found in fundraising.

So why wait? If your town needs to raise money for the library, make your next library fundraising effort, a Money Savings Card fundraiser.