If your tennis team is in need of money, you could just go out and choose any fundraiser that looks good, and go with that. You might even make a decent amount of profit that way.

But if you'd like to think of things in the longer term, like how you could set your team to make more and more money year after year, you'll want to look at tennis fundraising ideas that you can repeat annually.

If you look at groups like the Girl Scouts, you can see what sort of excitement can be built up around an annual idea, and once you get enough of your supporters in on it, you'll have a situation where they look forward to the tennis fundraiser every single year.

Discount cards work extremely well for medium or large tennis teams that have a bit more selling power, and these are perfect for a yearly fundraiser. The way it works is that you get to choose your own local merchants to participate in the fundraiser, and we show you how to approach them to ask if they want to take part. It's really easy to get local merchants to take part, because it only increases business for them.

Once you have all your merchants lined up, it's time to order your cards. You need to purchase a minimum of 25 cards, but some teams end up selling a lot more than that. The cards will be custom designed for your group, and give your supporters fantastic discounts on things they enjoy buying anyway. Your team gets to keep the profit from the tennis fundraising discount cards, and everybody wins.

The best part is, in a year's time your supporters will be looking forward to purchasing their new discount card, making this a tennis fundraising idea that keeps building year after year.